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Iberchem Unveils The Official Perfume Of The Spain Pavilion For The Dubai World Expo

The fragrance inspired by iconic Spanish natural landscapes will be distributed to the country's Guests of Honour during the Expo.

Last weekend, on the occasion of the Barcelona Olfaction Week, fragrance house Iberchem presented the official perfume of the Spain Pavilion at the upcoming Dubai World Expo.

The event took place on a rooftop terrace in front of the Sagrada Familia, an architectural landmark of the country. The fragrance, created by Iberchem’s Head Perfumer Luz Vaquero, is one of the many olfactory projects Iberchem will be showcasing during the Expo. For the first time in its history, the pavilion will count on many olfactory installations to outline the importance of the fragrance industry in the country.

During the presentation, the perfumer revealed that her composition was inspired by the olfactory richness of Spain’s natural landscapes: from the saltiness of the Mediterranean sea to the green and humid atmosphere of the Northern forests, as well as the freshness of the citrus groves in the south and the sweetness of the grapes in the vineyards that spread across the country.

“The fragrance took almost three years to develop,” said Vaquero.

”It is definitely one of the most challenging composition I have ever made. To create a scent that embodies the geographical characteristics of a whole country is not an easy task. I am particularly proud of the result: a perfume that is vibrant, polished and colourful.”

A Sustainable Project

At the time of creating the perfume, in line with the theme of the Expo and the one of the Pavilion, the main work criteria were sustainability. From the ingredients to the packaging, the result is a product with a very low carbon footprint: more than 60% of the formula is biodegradable, local raw materials have been used whenever possible, solvents have been lowered to a minimum and it includes a great variety of natural ingredients certified Cosmos Ecocert.

As for the packaging, the cap uses the plastic-free technology Woork by Pujolasós which is 100% natural and compostable. Furthermore, the box and label are made with FSC paper and don’t require any adhesive.



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