Dior’s J’Adore L’Or: A Floral Symphony

Dior introduces the new J’Adore L’Or edition, crafted by Perfume Creative Director Francis Kurkdjian. This fragrance, akin to the 2010 and 2017 versions, magnifies J’adore flowers, enhancing their hues and details. With orange blossom, jasmine grandiflorum, and centifolia rose absolutes, it achieves a harmonious blend. Sunlit orange blossom brings a refreshing, elegant aura, while jasmine grandiflorum adds robustness, entwined with fruity hints.

Centifolia rose captures intricate femininity. The iconic J’adore necklace follows suit, reshaped to match the fragrance’s warmth. It morphs into a fluid, organic precious metal structure, embracing the J’adore L’Or bottle. A symphony of scents and design encapsulates this release, a tribute to floral beauty.

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