Dior Beauty Introduces ‘Gris’ Collective To Complement Gender-Defying Fragrance

Dior is bringing house codes and the values of an up-and-coming consumer base together as part of a new campaign and collective.

The juice at the center of Dior’s Gris — or gray — is in fact violet. It’s the color of the unisex fragrance, seen through its transparent bottle.

The artist is one of five creatives tapped by Dior to interpret the scent in works of art. He’s joined by Andrés Reisinger, Thomas Trum, Mileece, and Collectif Scale. 

“Violet is the base color,” continued Johnston of his creation, “Gris”. “And then I went lighter and darker, so it’s all shades of purple, violet, but some almost look black,” he added.

Johnston had yet to smell the fragrance, he admitted, as he was working on the installation. The inspiration came from the colors and their nuances as it relates to the house — including gray, the emblematic Dior shade.

The color not only nods to modernity, but to Dior’s history.

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