CPL Aromas Launches New Addition To Its AromaFusion Collection

CPL Aromas has launched a new fragrance into its unique AromaFusion technology collection: Bouquet Fusion. The material is available exclusively to CPL Aromas’ perfumers, for use with its customers.

Bouquet is a unique and delicate combination of Rose, Jasmin, Hyacinth, Ylang, Carnation, Violet leaves and Gardenia. It can be used in a wide range of fragrances to give a lovely flowery touch when choosing your composition.

Christian Provenzano, CPL Aromas’ Master Perfumer and Global Perfumery Director, who played a major role in creating the new material, described the new AromaFusion: “a fresh, multi-floral bouquet with natural green nuances reminiscent of a flower shop”.

Other materials in the AromaFusion range include:

Kashmir Fusion – featuring cedarwood, patchouli and sandalwood, this has a warm, woody amber back note with a subtle sweetness, a character of soft autumn fruits with a touch of spice. It brings sensuality to any fragrance and sophistication to florals as well as working well with fruits, spices and woody notes.

Pepper Fusion – pepper with a warm, woody depth and the diffusion of amber.

Smoke Fusion – a tantalizing blend of cade and rich smoked precious woods, adding an oriental twist to fragrances. It creates a synergy between resins and woods and strengthens the character of musk.

Citrus Fusion – a heady combination of aromatic grapefruit with previous woody and nutty characteristics. It has an enhanced depth and a sparkling top note although the citrus note pervades right to the base note.

Incense Fusion – a tenacious fusion of natural, resinous amber notes with deep fruit and spice tones finished with contemporary amber tones imparting rich, leather characteristic to base notes.

Orris Fusion – a blend of dry woods and cedarwood with orris and amber notes. This material lifts the whole fragrance, imparting a cost-effective natural orris accord and adding a sweet violet and fruit character.

Oak Fusion – a complex fusion of cognac with sweet gourmand vanilla notes and a dry down of smoky cedar and oak – reminiscent of traditional oakmoss but with a sophisticated gourmand effect.

Damask Fusion – inspired by the elegant and prized Damascene Rose, it is a cross between a rose oil and a rose absolute.

Amber Fusion – an intricate blend of ambery notes with an overdose of natural vanillin along with an assortment of woody resinous accords. A 100% natural amber accord to give a unique twist to the amber olfactive family when choosing your composition.

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