25 Years of Sterling Celebrated With World’s Largest Perfume Wall

To commemorate 25 years of success, Sterling Parfums created a wall holding over 2699 exclusive perfumes, breaking the world record and thus making it the Largest Perfume Wall in the world. Through an insightful interview with Namita Shrivastva – the marketing head of Sterling Parfums, she shared details on the inspiration behind creating this incredible showcase.

Being in one of the fastest growing cities in the world with visionary leaders, Sterling claims that as pioneers of the industry, it only made sense that they too show their contribution to this futuristic city by creating something so extraordinary that beats all previous records. The wall was built fully in-house by the talented team of Sterling within 2 months from scratch.

The perfumes on the wall – all made in the UAE – hold an incredible array of fragrances ranging from oriental perfumes, French luxury fragrances, kids perfumes and many more.

The “Perfume Palace” that holds these perfumes is now open to the public and Sterling welcomes one and all to visit, witness and experience the feeling of being surrounded by some of the best fragrances today.

Click Here to see the complete interview with Sterling Parfums.

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