Trussardi Riflesso Blue Vibe – The Fragrance Of Creativity

A journey within, exploring the ego, which is often the secret core of the personality: this is the premise of Riflesso Blue Vibe, a new fragrance for men by Trussardi Parfums

Véronique Nyberg created an olfactory pyramid for Riflesso Blue Vibe based on contrasts: hot and cold, rational and emotional, elegant and subversive, sweet and bitter.

There is something that evokes the night and its mystery, yet there are also energetic vibrations of daytime. It belongs to the family of oriental and woody aromatics.

Trussardi Riflesso Blue Vibe
Trussardi Riflesso Blue Vibe

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Véronique Nyberg


Top: Rum, Davana, Yuzu

Heart: Geranium, Hazelnut, Artemisia

Base: Leather, Tobacco, Amberwood

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