Pour Homme Parfum By Bottega Veneta 

This edition is supposedly a bolder and more pronounced version of the original Bottega Veneta Pour Homme that was launched in 2013 and got a face lift with different variations in 2015 and 2016.

TOP: Cedar, Cardomom
HEART: Pimento, Fir Raisin
BASE: Lether, Tonka Bean,Labdanum

Daniela (Roche) Andrier, Antoine Maisondeu

Review by Persolaise – A New Alphabet For Boys – The 4 Essential Es Of Masculine Perfumery
Another flanker and again, it’s a good one. The first Pour Homme from Bottega Veneta was a traditional woody-spicy masculine, with a verdant pine forest thrown in at the top. This ‘parfum’ iteration retains the basic idea, but changes the emphasis, playing down the freshness whilst emphasising the darker elements. A smooth, night-time operator, if ever there was one.


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