Julia Roberts-Muse of La Vie est Belle

Lancome Launches La Vie est Belle Intensément

La Vie est Belle Intensément, affirms happiness as the ambition, as a way to live life to the fullest and without making any sacrifices. Emotions, sensations, so long as they are strong!

Consumed by a pressing need to live in the present moment, the woman who embodies this new fragrance radiates with bright and contagious joy. Declared and asserted, not as a sign of luck but stemming from a desired choice, her happiness spreads like a shock wave. It emits positive vibrations all around her and inspires others to choose a life lived fully. Intensely.

For the first time, the iconic bottle of La Vie est Belle reveals a fragrance with an intense colour. Uncompromising. A joyful and radical pink evoking a heart that beats to the rhythm of intense emotions, with a freedom that can never be stopped. A colour filled with warmth and energy, drawing its strength from the depth of the emblematic crystal smile and radiating to the tips of the wings that adorn the neck of the bottle transforming them into glowing flames.


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