KKW Fragrance Diamonds By The Kardashian Sisters

Kim Kardashian Wests brand, KKW Fragrances adds a brand new fragrance collection to its portfolio, inspired by diamonds

The Kardashian sisters team up to bring the best of KKW Fragrances to the world. With sisters Kourtney Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian, Kim Kardashian West launched the latest Diamond collection.


The fragrances celebrate nothing but femininity. The three sisters have one perfume each resembling them.


Yellow Diamond

Kourtney chooses the radiant yellow, with a captivating intensity that sparkles only the way a diamond can. It resembles the inner flame, the heart gleams with the rare and vibrant beauty of a yellow floral bouquet composed of jasmine, iris and magnolia. The lingering base notes add a mesmerizing sense of sensuality with tonka bean, whipped vanilla, and the great seduction of patchouli.


Top: Golden Currant Berries

Heart: Yellow Jasmine, Yellowbird Magnolia, Yellow Flag Iris

Base: White Patchouli, Soft Musk, Whipped Vanilla




A fresh white floral bouquet, dripping in diamonds is Kims catch. The fragrance opens with a signature, tropical floral feel. At the heart, a fine bouquet of luminous ylang-ylang, orange flower, and exotic Sampaguita bloom for an instant glimmer that simply shines with you. A sensual base of splashy coconut milk cream and heavenly white musk linger in a way you won’t get enough of.


Top: Tropical Floral Leaves, Sugar Coated ginger,
Wild Armoise Morocco Organic

Heart: Ylang Ylang Oil Cosmors Orpur,
Orange Flower Absolute Orpur, Exotic Sampaguita Blossom

Base: Coconut Milk Cream, Heavenly White Musk,
Solar White Floral



pink diamond

Just as sensual of Khloe a pink diamond lights up a room with hues of soft, romantic pink and nuances of sheer sensuality. Like the explosive shine of a diamond, the fragrance opens with pure luminosity and freshness that is faceted with accords of morning dew and beaming Italian bergamot. A sparkling pink puff violet accord glimmers and reflects with crystal-like transparency.


Top: Morning Dew Accord, Italian Bergamot, Sparkling Pink Puff Violet Accord

Heart: Pink Sapphire Tuberose, Blushing Jasmine, Sweet Lilac Blossoms

Base: Sensual Cloud Musk, Dreamy White Moss, Sundrenched Driftwood

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