Bois D'encens from Armani Prive

Bois D’encens from Armani Prive

A nostalgia of Giorgio Armani, depicted in this wonderful creation

The Bois d’Encens luxury eau de parfum showcases Somalian Incense, an olfactory reflection of the hours Giorgio Armani spent with his grandmother in Italian churches. It is a rebirth of the mystery of the oldest known perfume in the world, Kyphi, created 4,000 years ago by the Egyptians. Bois d’Encens springs from Giorgio Armani’s own memories.

Mystical and beguiling, Bois d’Encens balances the essence and pure incense of woody perfumes, and is sumptuously enhanced with vetiver and cedar.

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Labdanum, Spices, Vetiver, Cedar

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