AQUAMARINE Travel Spray Set: House Of Sillage's Newest Fragrance

House of Sillage, a leader in the world of Haute Parfumerie, will debut its newest addition to their product offering, the all new Aquamarine Travel Spray Set this season.

Representing an artful symphony of tradition, discovery, luxury and profound beauty, the Aquamarine Travel Spray Set is a specially developed fragrance by House of Sillage for the perfume connoisseurs of the world. Part of the brand’s limited edition collection, the Aquamarine Travel Spray is manufactured under the highest standards of quality.

Even the design of the bottle is carefully crafted allowing the intricacies of the design to come through at the touch resulting in an absolute of full-brilliance and shine that adds a luxurious feel to the overall appearance.

The Aquamarine Travel Spray holds a 7.5ml vial, retails at 1,550 AED and comes with three refills

Aquamarine Travel Spray

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