Acqua by Roberto Cavalli

Better known as the turquoise successor to fragrance Roberto Cavalli Eau de Parfum from 2012, this fragrance takes its inspiration from exciting nights in the Mediterranean and is created by the perfumer Louise Turner.

Acqua introduces a beautiful blend of contrasting notes in the form of a fragrance that is sure to get the attention of the female perfume lovers. The beautifully intertwined notes are laid on a base of sensual musk that gives the fragrance a lasting sillage. In fact, even the bottle of the fragrance is designed to attract attention. The stylish blue flacon adds to the elegant femininity of the fragrance.

Acqua by Roberto Cavalli
Acqua by Roberto Cavalli


Louise Turner

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Top: Jasmine, Watery Notes, Lemon

Heart: Lily Of The Valley

Base: Musk

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