Symrise Brings Consumers Close to Source Of Vanilla

Symrise creates sustainable value for its value chain partners and particularly vanilla farmers. By bringing customers and consumers closest to the source, the best quality vanilla is sourced.

As the only company in its industry, Symrise maintains such a strong presence in the SAVA region. It engages with the vanilla farming communities on a daily basis. The company and its teamwork on securing the best quality vanilla through its continued investments in the region. The local team is living and working year-round in the heart of the SAVA region where 80 % of the world’s vanilla is grown. Symrise nurtures direct partnerships with over 7,000 vanilla farmers in 84 villages.

“Quality and sustainability are becoming increasingly important to create healthy and resilient supply chains,” says Yannick Leen, Global Competence Director, Vanilla Symrise. ”Vanilla ranks high among our strategic raw materials. With its complete backward integration, Symrise brings clear benefits to its partners at all stages of the production process. The benefits stretch across the entire value chain, from the vanilla farmers and their local communities, through producers of foods and beverages, who receive premium vanilla for their products, to the consumers who appreciate the superior taste and quality of our products and reassured by the transparency with which they are sourced.”

Symrise runs the complete transformation process from bean to extract. Its fully integrated value chain for quality, sustainability and risk mitigation helps maintain transparency. Being closest to the source also means closest to communities. The company’s activities empower farmers to better care for their environment and allow their communities to become more resilient for the future.

“We have implemented the sustainable development program in 2012 with the objective of securing supply, in terms of volume as well as quality,” says Alban Bonnet, sustainable development manager in Madagascar. “From the very beginning, we have considered it key to create and maintain a trusting relationship with the farmers. What I love about this approach–I work directly with the farmers without any intermed­iaries. We move forward together, we improve together.”