Juliette Has A Gun Launches Musc Invisible

Juliette Has A Gun has released its newest fragrance ‘Musc Invisible’

Juliette Has A Gun releases its latest dreamy and nostalgic fragrance for women ‘Musc Invisible’. The perfume’s notes are simplified to three; the top note is jasmine absolute while the heart note is a cotton flower, finished with a base note of white musk, rounding out the trifecta. 

Musc Invisible

Top Notes
Jasmine Absolute
Heart Notes
Cotton Flower
Base Notes
White Musk

Romano Ricci has perfume in his DNA. His great-grandmother was the legendary couturier Nina Ricci and his grandfather Robert was the creator of the equally iconic L’Air du Temps.

Romano launched Juliette Has A Gun in December 2006: a brand devoted to women, offering a new type of elegance within niche perfumery: ‘The innocent Juliet of Shakespeare is transposed to the 21st Century with a gun… A metaphor for the perfume, weapon of seduction, or simple accessory of a bluff. “Gun” essentially symbolises the liberation of women towards men… And sometimes with an aftertaste of revenge.’