Vania Lacascade On The Audience For ‘Elixirs Of Nature’ Scents

Vania Lacascade elaborates on the audience for the new ‘Elixirs of Nature’ scents by The Body Shop 

ParfumPlus: What’s the target audience in the Middle East?

Vania Lacascade: Currently, the market is overwhelmed with a lot of fragrances and in my opinion, the consumer today wants fragrance varieties that are exquisite as well as having a unique and original story. And with the new collection, we wanted to bring out the rarest of scents from the corners of the globe that you would generally not find. We really wanted to do something premium, sophisticated for the versatile audience that we cater to, for example we have floral, oriental, woody and aromatic scents. So we planned to cover the tastes of each group from teenagers, to women and even men since we have two unisex fragrances. For any mood and any personality, we have tried to create a fragrance that would match the Middle Eastern perfume lovers’ tastes well.

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