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CPL Aromas’ Natural Fragrances

CPL Aromas has announced a new strategy to meet the growing need for clarity in creating natural fragrances

In recognition of the fact that defining ‘natural’ is not as simple as it sounds, CPL Aromas has consolidated the group’s natural perfumery experience, marketing knowledge and regulatory expertise into a new Naturals Platform.

The Naturals Platform is a classification system by which CPL can work with clients to establish what they require from natural ingredients. It provides a practical means of creating 100% natural fragrances, backed by advice and informed choice, ensuring that customers’ marketing requirements take the lead in every project.

Angela Stavrevska, CPL’s Global Marketing and Brand Director, said that the Naturals Platform is designed to help customers navigate the dynamic natural fragrance market. She says  “The naturals market is often driven and confused by vague claims and a glossary of terms that don’t have official industry recognition or firm definition. By consolidating our marketing, regulatory, raw materials and creative expertise in this way we can help our customers navigate the 100% natural fragrance market and make informed choices about the appropriate fragrance materials to support the product claims they wish to employ.”

One of the supporting threads to this initiative is the classification of each of the natural raw materials and natural aroma-chemical materials through three tiers: Naturalsource; Naturalcore, and Naturalpure.

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