What men really want!

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What men really want!

Not one who is afraid to venture into the unknown, Zein Arbeed prides herself on having formed a company that is both women funded and woman run catering solely to the male audience, giving the popular stereotype ‘Woman in a man’s world’ a whole new meaning. It made perfect sense, then, to ask her about what she thinks about Men and their choices in fragrances

Fragrances definitely play an important fraction in men’s grooming. It is one thing to ensure that you look good, but it is another to smell good. The overall grooming and scent of a man adds that dash of confidence to stand taller and present themselves better. Scents are also known to add personality, and it certainly plays a key role to set themselves apart when that musky or dewy smell lingers throughout the day.

It’s difficult to think like a man so from a man’s perspective I wouldn’t really know what a man does look for when he chooses a fragrance. And let’s be honest, choosing fragrances is more complicated than it sounds. You come to the counters and see all these attractive bottles in the fanciest boxes. You sniff a couple of scents here and there and next thing you know you’ve smelled a dozen of scents but haven’t really decided which to get – and that’s normal.

It is important to understand the varieties of scents available in the market and to do your research. More importantly, bear in mind that choosing a fragrance is a very personal experience. Your scent is the extension of your personality, hence, you have to decide if you'd rather smell sexy musk or ocean breezy, it really depends on you.

I feel a man should select the fragrance that he is comfortable with and feels good with. In time, you will be able to select the scents that you are drawn to and would like to smell like depending on the occasion.

There was this other question that people ask about whether a man (or anyone rather) chooses a fragrance that he likes or should he choose to be liked by others. It’s very important to realise that a fragrance can leave an impression on others and it helps how people see you and remember you.

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While it may be essential to take into consideration not to wear overpowering scents on a daily basis for the sake of the people around you, at the end of the day, you are the one wearing the scent and you should select a fragrance that you like and feel comfortable with. The opinion of others may always reinforce your choices, but you will always be the best person to determine what will be your go-to fragrance.

How many fragrances should a man ideally have on his wardrobe? That’s a tough one! What most don’t consider is that the fragrance you use depends on the seasons as well. For example, in Spring, it is recommended to wear more floral and citrus scents, while the winter is the perfect time to sport some exotic or spiced scents. Apart from this, it is good to have a daytime and evening perfume too. Daytime perfume will be your laid-back, go-to scent on a daily basis, this is normally light and fresh, and the least expensive on your counter considering you wear this the most.

The night-time perfume, on the other hand, is the one you spray for those dinner outs and other occasions that will definitely help you stand out, these are usually stronger in scent and lasts longer, and of course, the more expensive ones.

My own top 5 perfumes for men would have to include the following:

Captain Fawcett Booze and Baccy Eau de Parfum by Ricki Hall

Elysium by Roja

Dior Sauvage Parfum Eau De Toilette

Molton Brown Mesmerising Oudh Accord and Gold Eau De Toilette

Tom Ford Private Blend Patchouli Absolu Eau de Parfum


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