The Spirit Of Dubai Has A New Addition: Dubai Roeya

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The Spirit Of Dubai Has A New Addition: Dubai Roeya

The Spirit of Dubai plans to reveal the launch of its latest novelty in fragrance, the ninth element in the First Generation Niche Collection representing the Futuristic Vision of Dubai city at the renowned 12th Edition of Esxence in Milan, Italy. (Booth #M26)

The Fragrance

Your window to tomorrow’s world is a potent mix of elegant notes that ups the ante on the vision of the future. Think top notes like neroli, cashmeran and mandarin, with oud, ambergris, ambrette and fir at the base. Orange Blossom and Jasmine Sambac are a few of the lilting middle notes that play with the senses. Always one step ahead of the curve, the progression of the scent – all at once, woody, spicy, floral, ambery – is inspired by the sands of time.

This fragrance comes enveloped in a joyous orange band punctuated with windows into a glass bottle and crowned with a cover of carved chrome. This glass bottle shines with Arabic calligraphy that speaks of Roeya in an artful geometric pattern.

Housed in a futuristic orange pouch, the bottle is held within an enigmatic orange cushioned frame box.

CPL Aromas launches Sustainability Index for all their fragrances

As part of acheiving their ambitious Sustainability objectives, CPL Aromas has launched its Sustainability Index, which will be available for all their fragrances with immediate effect. This Sustainability Index is based on three of their four Pillars: Environment, Innovation and Sustainable Sourcing.

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The index will transparently measure the sustainability performance of each fragrance within CPL’s portfolio. The index will provide a score per fragrance, allowing their customers to see where the fragrance is performing with regards to sustainability and enable their customer to have full visibility of sustainable principles when selecting their fragrances.

The index considers key sustainability metrics. For example, under the company’s environment pillar, the index looks at things such as ecotoxicity and biodegradability. Other important metrics include sourcing of the ingredients, renewable carbon and green chemistry principles. With this launch, CPL Aromas hopes that their customers will be empowered, to make more informed decisions when selecting their fragrances, potentially choosing more sustainable options. This Sustainable Index even allows for customers to identify the pillars of sustainability most important to them and clearly see how their fragrances perform in that particular area.

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