TechnicoFlor : Commemorating 40 Years Of Innovation

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TechnicoFlor - Commemorating 40 Years Of Innovation

For more than 40 years, TechnicoFlor has prided itself for its know-how in fragrance development and have cemented their position as leader in natural formulation. Considered by many as a genuine & reliable partner, TechnicoFlor, aims to develop “eco-creative” fragrances

Celebrating the 40th anniversary of TechnicoFlor, the father son duo,  François-Patrick Sabater, Founder/CEO and Christopher Sabater, Managing Director of TechicoFlor Dubai share with us what drives them every day - particularly the new initiatives to conserve the planet, which is TechnicoFlor’s current priori ty for now and the generations to come.

ParfumPlus (PP) : Please tell us a bit about TechnicoFlor and how does it plan to help conserve the planet?

François-Patrick Sabater (FPS) : TechnicoFlor is among the world leaders in natural perfumes. We have been committed for a long time to the work towards the conservation of our planet. One such example would be our dedicated purchasing unit developed as part of our BETTER TOMORROW programmeto choose materials and suppliers who provideus with all the guarantees against any environmental impact.

This year, we have reinforced this approach with our BioDscent program, which gives our customers the percentage biodegradability measures of our fragrances and encourages them to choose wisely against any negative environmental impact.

Christopher Sabater (CS) : TechnicoFlor has always been appreciated for its know-how in conventional perfumery. And over the last 15 years or so, there has been a global recognition for our natural formulation expertise. Formulating natural and responsible fragrances requires high expertise of committed perfumers, along with responsible sourcing of raw materials and solid regulatory knowledge.

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Thanks to our investment in this area in the past, today our natural fragrances cover all olfactive families and provide an extremely pleasurable sensory experience.

BioDscent is a theoretical method of calculating the biodegradability of ourfragrances based on the use of perfume mixtures that could be spilled into the environment (household products, cosmetics…).

This calculation is based on the aerobic biodegradability of organic raw materials. Each component has been evaluated according to the internationally recognised OECD 301 or 310 methods. This is another very important step for us in our commitment to protect the planet.

PP : How do you  tackle the issue of shortage of natural raw materials?

FPS : It is highly foreseeable that there will be a whole lot more shortage in natural materials in the near future. This is to be expected, with the increasing demand and climatic problems which unfortunately will reinforce these shortages. We must also eliminate materials that are too polluting in terms of plantation and biodegradability. And that’s one of the many reasons, we, at TechnicoFlor, are in the process of integrating more and more natural materials from biotechnology for the future.

PP : Tell us something about the upcoming plans for TechnicoFlor?

FPS : We have many interesting projects coming up at TechnicoFlor. But the most important one, of course, is the launch of our new 4.0 production unit. It is due to start production in September 2021 in time to celebrate our 40th Anniversary. This would raise our ranking to among the top three in the global fragrance companies for this level of automation.

CS : This new factory will allow us to service current and prospective clients globally as well as reach new territories such as Africa helping us in our external growth. Between the automation level which will reach 95%, and the digitisation process, we will be able to manufacture and deliver to our customers in five days.

We are also in the process of launching our program for total digitisation of the company within two years. In the meantime, we will continue our journey, which is to formulate perfumes with safety for end-users as our primary focus while respecting the planet. Taking concrete actions to protect the climate is currently our top priority.

PP : How has the MENA region responded to your formulations?

CS : We established TechnicoFlor Dubai in 2015. Since then, we have adapted quickly to meet customer demands for performance, strength and popular regional notes and trends such as Oudh.

I would credit our growth and success to the fact that we recruited some of the finest and experienced perfumers, who had vast experience in the MENA region and its requirements. This led to us to be successful with many projects and accelerate our exposure while helping us establish a good reputation and trust in the region.

PP : What is the value addition that TechnicoFlor offers?

FPS : Firstly I’d like to think that our French background is very helpful as we all know and appreciate the  French quality of perfumes, which is globally recognised worldwide. And then our wide range of raw materials of exceptional quality for both natural and synthetic materials have made us one of the leading suppliers, not only in this region but world.

PP : Any new projects?

CS : We are very excited about the opening of two new factories. The one, in France, both should be operational from September 2021 and the other one in China, both should be up and running by the end of 2022.

We are also expanding our office and laboratory in Dubai, with a new marketing and perfumery team to join us at the beginning of next year. There’s also an exciting investment in a new robot for sampling to offer a better and faster service to cater to all our customers in the MENA region.

For the moment, our strategy is to ensure at least one mixing room per continent. The MENA region will remain attached to Europe mainly because we have all the raw materials in Europe. We are focussed on  strengthening our laboratories in Dubai with more perfumers and a repacking room.

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