TechnicoFlor Biomimicry In Perfumery

TechnicoFlor Biomimicry In Perfumery

TechnicoFlor launched a new collection of six biomimicry-based fragrances for the perfumes, cosmetics, and personal care products industries, to illustrate the magic of nature and its many powers

An Olfactory Illustration of nature’s superpowers. Biomimicry offers innovative solutions for environmental challenges by emulating nature’s processes. TechnicoFlor’s fragrance designers unveil their “Supernature” collection, inspired by flora and fauna. Bérengère Bourgarel, Vincent Ricord, Jérémy Sabater, Félix Deschamps, and Romain Keller present eco-designed fragrances, rated A or B by FlorIndex, highlighting their minimal environmental and societal impact.

A sneak preview of these six fragrances for six different applications was offered at the In-Cosmetics fair in Paris from 16 to 18 April 2024. Each fragrance embodies a unique natural superpower, showcasing the beauty and effectiveness of the sustainable design.

A collection of six fragrances illustrating the six superpowers of nature…

TechnicoFlor’s “Supernature” collection, conceived by perfumers Bérengère Bourgarel, Vincent Ricord, Jérémy Sabater, Félix Deschamps, and Romain Keller, incarnates nature’s marvels in fragrances. Each scent embodies a distinct natural superpower: Oasis Splash captures water storage with aloe vera and fruity tones; Wild Attraction entices with floral and coconut notes reminiscent of Buddleia; Jungle Illusion mimics chameleons’ adaptability with fruity and leathery accords. Wonder Nacre evokes the resilience of abalone mother-of-pearl with woody and marine essences, while Polar Sun regulates temperature with floral and marine elements. Ultraviolet, inspired by bioluminescence, features green and floral scents, accompanied by an ink that glows, akin to a UV tattoo.

Enhancing their eco-conscious ethos, each fragrance is paired with a purposeful application: from a three-in-one oil to a tattoo/scented phosphorescent ink. Presented at the In-Cosmetics Global Europe fair, the collection offers an immersive experience, which invites visitors to dive into a bioluminescent forest and captivating jungle ambiance at booth 1U50.

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