Sillage – The Fragrance Trail

Sillage - The Fragrance Trail

Some perfumes are just passing whims, some others are infatuations, while very few make enough of an impression to become lifelong affairs. If you tend to gravitate towards timeless elegance then the art of the olfactory is at the heart of your chosen sillage.

Finding the right fragrance to wear is just as important as picking your clothes. Some may argue otherwise, but think about it: Your scent trail is one of the ways to leave a lasting impression. That's why your chosen fragrance should be unforgettable.

If a perfume is an art that makes memory speak, the classics are masters at oration. Of all our senses, our sense of smell is most closely tied to our memory. While many things throughout our daily life can trigger a sense of nostalgia, nothing has the power to make us viscerally relive the past like a fragrance.

With this in mind, the noses and founders behind some of the worlds most famous scents are often well-travelled, whether it’s to source the finest ingredients or to gain inspiration. "Every city I have visited in the past has left an imprint - I have been left with memories and experiences that have elevated my knowledge of the industry. That being said, I always feel a deep sense of nostalgia when recalling these moments, especially in 2009 and 2010 when I visited Greece and Nice. This was such a formative period for me and my journey to creating a perfume brand,” says Mustafa Alasali Founder and Owner of Mavroki. "From the people I meet, to travel, there's inspiration to be found in each waking moment. I love exploring and exposing myself to new experiences,” explains Alasali.

So next time you buy perfume, remember you are creating memories not just for yourself but for those around you with your scent trail, and these could indeed last a lifetime.

This article has been contributed by Mavroki