Being A Woman In A Man’s World

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Being A Woman In A Man’s World

A woman with a vision and a mission - to revolutionize the men’s grooming industry in the region - Zein Arbeed founded The Grooming Lab in 2017, the region’s only dedicated men’s grooming distributor for niche and exclusive men’s grooming brands

A woman with a vision and a mission - a stellar marketing graduate with a reputable professional track record, having managed luxury automotive brands in multiple markets, Zein Arbeed is a woman who wears many different hats and is extremely comfortable juggling them subject to demands of her role.

At The Grooming Lab, Zein oversees a host of different operations including New Brand Acquisition, Sales & Business Development, Product Training across Retail/ B2B Channels, and Business Financials as well as Trend Analysis and planning for the future. Not one who is afraid to venture into the unknown, Zein prides herself on forming a company that is both women-funded and women-run catering solely to the male audience, giving the popular stereotype ‘Woman in a man’s world’ a whole new meaning.

Zein thrives on innovation and has a great sense of humor. In her spare time, she is found at the gym taking a Pilates class or walking her pup Khai around the neighborhood. Someone with a keen eye for detail, Zein is often found strolling in malls looking out for the next big thing to onboard. Here she is sharing her insights on herself, Dubai and something very close to her heart - fragrances.

ParfumPlus: How would you describe yourself?
Zein Arbeed: Having been raised in a closely-knit household, I consider myself to be a family-oriented individual since a young age. I prefer the simple and minimalistic things in life, but I am also someone that is on the lookout for new trends. I can be spontaneous due to my fun-loving personality but at the same time I am very conscious with my lifestyle especially with my diet to ensure that I stay healthy being the go-getter that I am.

PP: How would you describe your life in Dubai?
ZA: I was born in this city, have lived here most of my life, and consider this my HOME. Here, I am surrounded by my family and close friends and feel extremely safe and loved. I enjoy the opportunities this country offers to everyone.

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PP: What according to you is luxury?
ZA: When you say “Luxury”, most people automatically think of something with a hefty price tag. However, I like to think that does not really apply to me. I prefer living humbly, and to me, luxury is anything that I like and am comfortable with whether its clothes, my home, car, jewelry, etc. Luxury to me is something that makes me happy at the end of a long tiring day.

PP: What does ‘living’ mean to you? And how are you currently ‘living’?
ZA: I always think that I am very blessed with a loving family and a supportive partner in life. I have a wonderful home in a beautiful city and a progressive business. I am living life to the fullest and take each day as it comes. It may not be perfect all the time but I live with confidence that everything always happens for a reason.

PP: What does a fragrance mean to you?
ZA: Fragrance to me is a reminder of certain memories and things in life that I have been through. I am spontaneous but I can also go back to the same scent over and over again. Certain smells will always remind you of the times you spent on family gatherings growing up or of fun memories you have with your friends.

PP: What are you looking for in your choice of fragrances?
ZA: Being in the beauty and wellness industry, finding new fragrances that appeal to me and suit my lifestyle has always been an enjoyable experience. Seeing the new releases from my favorite brands online is never the same as approaching the counter and testing them for myself at stores, it’s very important for me to try them first since it is also normal for the scent to depend on different people based on the body’s chemistry. When choosing fragrances, I opt for more Eau de Parfum over Eau de Toilette since longevity is very important to me – without the scent being too intense, of course. I also think that the type of scent can be very personal depending on the person, I am however drawn to more oriental and fresh scents over floral and sweet. I prefer scents that are cool and aromatic that keep me inspired during the day without bringing that garden scent when I enter a room.

PP: How do you connect to a fragrance?
ZA: I always say that my favorite perfumes are an extension of me. It is more than the routine of making sure I spray them on before leaving my house in the morning, it is more like feeling that something is missing if I don’t smell the way I normally do with my go-to fragrances.

PP: Your favourite fragrance for yourself and describe what the scent makes you feel?
ZA: I swear by Chloe’s Eau de Parfum, always!! It is a very special fragrance for me. The aroma always makes me feel loved and reminds me of my special wedding day. The experience tied with the scent never fails to jog my memory and safeguard me with the fact that I am treasured by my family and friends. And my husband loves it on me too.

PP: What fragrances do you like on your better half?
ZA: My husband can have the same passion as me when it comes to wellness and he has a range of fragrances on his dresser too. But if it were up to me, I would make him wear the Captain Fawcett Booze and Baccy Eau de Parfum by Ricki Hall and the Elysium by Roja whenever we go out. I wouldn’t mind sharing my Chloe Eau de Perfum with him too!

P P: Some final words on perfumes.
ZA: As mentioned earlier, perfumes to me are figuratively an extension of oneself. It is very important to figure out the type of scent you are comfortable with and one that matches your personality and lifestyle. And sample them, always!

My Top 5 fragrances

Chloé Eau de Parfum

Top Notes
Freesia, Litchi, Peony
Heart Notes
Lily of the Valley, Magnolia Flower, Rose
Base Notes
Amber, Virginia Cedar

Le Parfum

Top Notes
African Orange Flower
Heart Notes
Base Notes
Patchouli, Rose, Virginia Cedar, White Honey

Le Parfum Resort Collection

Top Notes
Frangipani, Italian Mandarin
Heart Notes
Jasmine Sambac, Orange Blossom, Pomegranate
Base Notes
Indonesian Patchouli Leaf

English Pear And Freesia

Top Notes
Melon, Pear
Heart Notes
Freesia, Rose
Base Notes
Amber, Musk, Patchouli, Rhubarb


Top Notes
Heart Notes
Damascus Rose
Base Notes
Jasmine Sambac

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