Juliette Has A Gun Launches Musc Invisible

Juliette Has A Gun releases its latest dreamy and nostalgic fragrance for women ‘Musc Invisible’. The perfume’s notes are simplified to three; the top note is jasmine absolute while the heart note is a cotton flower, finished with a base note of white musk, rounding out the trifecta.
Romano Ricci has perfume in his DNA. His great-grandmother was the legendary couturier Nina Ricci and his grandfather Robert was the creator of the equally iconic L’Air du Temps.

Romano launched Juliette Has A Gun in December 2006: a brand devoted to women, offering a new type of elegance within niche perfumery: ‘The innocent Juliet of Shakespeare is transposed to the 21st Century with a gun… A metaphor for the perfume, weapon of seduction, or simple accessory of a bluff. “Gun” essentially symbolises the liberation of women towards men… And sometimes with an aftertaste of revenge.’

CPL Aromas Launches Osmanthus Fusion

Inspired by the beautiful and sophisticated Osmanthus flower, Osmanthus Fusion is a multifaceted speciality ingredient. Not only is this material exquisitely refined, but it also holds the benefits of consistent quality and exclusivity. The CPL AromaFusion technology makes Osmanthus Fusion a captive material to help enhance our perfumers’ creativity so that any original fragrance created by CPL Aromas’ perfumers for our customers is certifiably unique. 

Christian Provenzano, CPL Aromas’ Global Director of Perfumery, who plays a key role in creating all of the AromaFusion materials, said: “Osmanthus Fusion, containing the Osmanthus concrete, is a varied blend with many accords, combining the fruity-floral apricot notes at the top of the fragrance to the more sensuous leathery facets and honey wax tonality at the base. This new material can be used in a variety of fragrances, not only to enrich the floral character but also to enhance the fruity animalic accords in fragrances within the chypre, oriental or woody olfactive families.”

Speaking to Alexandra Kosinski, CPL UK Director of Perfumery, about how she will use the new AromaFusion, she said: “Osmanthus is one of my favourite raw materials for its dried apricot and peachy fruit notes. With this new AromaFusion however, it will stretch the Osmanthus in my formula from the top notes to the base with added suede and warm honey accords.”

Giorgio Armani Launches Si Passione Intense

Following the launch of SÌ PASSIONE in 2018, Giorgio Armani unveils in 2020 an ever more vibrating interpretation of the iconic feminine scent: SÌ PASSIONE INTENSE.

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Sì is timeless yet contemporary, and it is changing the rules for a life lived with passion.

The iconic Sì signature top note of blackcurrant nectar is blended with an ever more emphatic floral heart of Jasmine Absolute and Superinfusion alongside Rose notes. This creates a fierce and powerful natural energy, enhanced by cedarwood and white musky base notes, the intensity of which is further enhanced by Patchouli essence and Vanilla extract.

An ode to vibrating femininity, SÌ PASSIONE INTENSE genuinely celebrates the contrast and duality between the floral delicacy and the intensity of passion.

Symrise Brings Consumers Close to Source Of Vanilla

As the only company in its industry, Symrise maintains such a strong presence in the SAVA region. It engages with the vanilla farming communities on a daily basis. The company and its team work on securing the best quality vanilla through its continued investments in the region.

The local team is living and working year-round in the heart of the SAVA region where 80 % of the world’s vanilla is grown. Symrise nurtures direct partnerships with over 7,000 vanilla farmers in 84 villages.

“Quality and sustainability are becoming increasingly important to create healthy and resilient supply chains,” says Yannick Leen, Global Competence Director, Vanilla Symrise. ”Vanilla ranks high among our strategic raw materials. With its complete backward integration, Symrise brings clear benefits to its partners at all stages of the production process.

The benefits stretch across the entire value chain, from the vanilla farmers and their local communities, through producers of foods and beverages, who receive premium vanilla for their products, to the consumers who appreciate the superior taste and quality of our products and reassured by the transparency with which they are sourced.”