Robertet Perfumers: Creativity Unleashed At Beautyworld

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Robertet Perfumers: Creativity Unleashed At Beautyworld

2021 was a revival for trade shows in the fragrance industry. A genuine breath of fresh air for the fragrance sector, and everyone was finally able to meet customers and aficionados of the industry in a festive atmosphere during Beautyworld Middle East 2021

As natural ingredients are becoming the new standard for the fragrances, with 170 years of experience, the Robertet Group has developed an undeniable expertise in natural products, which has been rooted in their DNA for several generations.

It makes them one of the indisputed specialists in natural raw materials. From seed, to harvest, transformation, extraction and release: Robertet, an innovative and responsible world leader is known to develop exceptional scents and integrates all stages of the creative process to offer the best fragrances to its clients.

Creation starts with perfume designers listening, anticipating consumers’ needs, meeting the requirements of the clients, and providing quality solutions for their products. Genuine creators of olfactory identities with an original sensibility, Robertet perfumers combine creativity and naturalness in the creation of their fragrances every day. For the Beauty World Middle East 2021, they were challenged on the theme of natural ingredients, which led them to revisit the fundamentals of Robertet.

The perfumers at Robertet were asked to revisit the great classics of Robertet. In a collaborative project, they managed to reinvent six exceptional raw materials to give them a new twist.

Among the perfumes presented, the queen of flowers, the centifolia rose, amazed the visitors with its richness. While keeping the olfactory identity of the botanical, the scent was sublimated with a pepper note to add sparkle and charisma to enhance the fragrance and make it majestic.

Karine Vinchon, a French perfumer passionate of Mediterranean scents since the age of 11 worked on the Fragrance “Noble Centifolia”. She played with an unforgettable and enigmatic trail, such as woods, balms and vanilla: a real eye-catcher to the orient.

Emilie Bouge, expert in woody and spicy accords, is specialized in fragrances for the Middle East. For her fragrance “Radiant Rosa”, she added cheerful and fruity accents with a blend of green notes that evoke the flowery fields and the gentle pace of life in Grasse. “It is a free-spirit, airy rose associated with pink peppercorn and mandarin, with soft leaves and fruity notes of apricot and peach and in the background, another flower that grows in the fields of Grasse, the tuberose”.

Emilie also created the Wonderful Tonka, exhibited in Dubai, in which she sublimated all the possible olfactory contrasts of the tonka bean. Associated with amber to give it a golden touch, Emilie added subtle tobacco scents to bring tenacity and essences of sage, ligandin and rosemary for the hay-straw side.

Alexis Dadier, has a real poetic approach in the creation of his perfumes. He associates the “Unique Hedychium”, an ode to hedyflor, to the flight of a white butterfly: “The candid sweetness of the flowers of Neroli and star jasmine associated with the incisive freshness of the pink berries make up a diaphanous head like the wings of the beautiful insect, the floral heart symbolizes the brilliant sunlight and the gliding flight is expressed in the voluptuous roundness of languid tuberose and Vanilla”.

According to Sidonie Lancesseur, raw materials shape the perfumes, that’s why she advocates elegance, authenticity and naturalness in her fragrances. She uses the art of perfumery to materialize emotions and memories. This year, for the Beautyworld event, Sidonie created “Fancy Cardamom”, a daring, fanciful and original perfume. “I immediately thought of the Moscow Mule mocktail for its ice water side where the spiciness of the ginger sublimates the freshness of the mint and lemon”. Sidonie used the cardamom for its elegant and spicy scent that boosted the zesty freshness of the top notes and reinforced the fizzy ginger.

She also performed “Wild Vetiveria” which reminds her of peanut butter, that delicious and regressive moment when you enjoy it. “I imagined an addictive scent by revealing the peanut facet present in vetiver and iris, blended sesame gave even more texture to the creamy note while vanilla and cedarwood reinforces the strong character of the fragrance”.

Passionate by creation, constantly on the lookout for new natural ingredients and creative opportunities, perfumers at Robertet used all their inspiration and energy to create masterpieces for their clients.

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