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Riyadh Seasons

A unique opportunity to create your personal fragrance with Iberchem and Sayidati

On the occasion of Riyadh Seasons, fragrance house Iberchem is pleased to partner with leading Arabic lifestyle magazine Sayidati to offer visitors a unique chance to be a perfumer and create their own scent. The activity will take the first week of December (1 to 7), in one of the three Sayidaty pop-up glasshouses located on Riyadh Boulevard. The activity will be offered for free to all visitors.

“Perfumers normally create scents that reflect trends, concepts or even a brand’s image,” says Ana Gomez, Perfumer at Iberchem. “But to create a fragrance specific to someone is something we don’t usually do. This activity is, in my opinion, a beautiful occasion for people to create a scent that truly matches their tastes and personality. However, creating a scent is not as easy as it may seem. This is also something that people will get to find out.”

Perfumers normally work with thousands of raw materials. To make the process less overwhelming and more accessible, the team of Iberchem has created specific accords that represent the prominent olfactory families in perfumery. Visitors will be able to mix and match these blends to create their favourite fragrance.

“Fragrances are deeply rooted in the Middle Eastern culture: perfume usage in the region is completely unique”, says Cesar Val, Beauty and Luxury expert and Managing Partner of CEVAL Consulting. “After being based in the region for a long time, I have concluded that this is the most sophisticated fragrance market in the world. People here are heavy users of perfumes and experts on layering scents; guests to Sayidaty houses will enjoy mixing notes to create their personal composition. I was happy to participate in the design of this joint initiative from Iberchem and Sayidaty, aiming to celebrate this genuine passion for perfumery. Riyadh Season is the perfect venue to host this celebration”, he added.

“Choosing a perfume is a very subjective process,” said Guillaume Audy, Corporate Communication Director at Iberchem. It is so subjective that our choice can be influenced by the moment of the day, our mood or even the weather! This is why I think it is relevant to give people the opportunity to create a unique scent that truly matches their needs. I also think that this experience is even more relevant when presented with Sayidaty. When we saw the environment in which the activity would take place, we were convinced it would be a success and that we had to do it.”

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Launched in October, the Riyadh Season 2021 occupies an area of 5.4 million square meters distributed across 14 zones and will dazzle the world throughout 7,500 entertainment days, including a wide range of concerts, international exhibitions, theatrical performances, plays, and interactive experiences. The season will also be hosting 200 restaurants and 70 coffee shops catering to a wide range of tastes and age groups.

Riyadh Season offers a mix of unique, exciting, and modern entertainment experiences that elevate Riyadh as a prime global entertainment hub through offerings that bring joy to residents and visitors alike.

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