Oud A Whiff Of The Orient

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Oud A Whiff Of The Orient

Oud is a very special fragrant resin with a rich and precious smell that’s coveted in the world of perfumery. The resin which originates from the lowlands of tropical forests is revered so much in the Middle East that it might almost possess a mystical quality for many

Originating in South East Asia, as with many other unique trees, specific to this region, oud holds a very special place in the domain of exotic and refreshing fragrances.

What is commonly known as agar, aloe or calambrac wood is a substance identified on a multitude of trees in the forests of Indo-China region. They are principally from the trees belonging to the family Aquilaria, Burseraceae, Thymeleaceae as well as Euphorbiaceae. However most of the dark wood pieces that the oud derives itself from, comes from the first species mentioned. Because the quality is superior
to the rest.

How Does Agarwood Transform Into A Fragrance?

Oud is revered because of its rarity and the sublime odour that it emits. However its production is due to a biological cause. Calambac wood, the origin of the oud resin, grows at the heart of the trunks of the trees mentioned above. The whole process is the result of the tree’s response to imminent danger. This may affect a section of the branches following monsoon or intense tropical rains. But sometimes it’s also the fungi, harmful insects or forest fire that affect the trees.

The infected tree reacts to this danger by producing abundant sap as a form of self defence. This natural reaction is the primary cause of this dark and very fragrant wood. This resin takes form on infected trees but produces an excellent odour. This is the natural process for the creation of agarwood. However these days due to overexploitation of the resources, there’s an increase in artificially incising the trunks.

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The Fragrant Benefits Of Agarwood

Possessing a strong spiritual and purifying value in the Middle East, oud complements perfectly in the hearth of oriental fragrances… in the bakhours or in the baths in the form of essential oils.

It’s uniqueness lies in the fact that it soothes and relaxes the atmosphere of the homes. The strong and fresh smell has medicinal benefits as well and is used for the treatment of headaches, nausea and asthma. Especially, when the smoke is inhaled.

This piece of precious wood has been used for its fine purposes for more than 3000 years. Courted by Emperors of the Far East and the Arab Sultans during the centuries, the oud possesses well defined therapeutic uses.

Recognised for its capacity to sooth the body and the mind, it is very effective in the treatment of depression and anxiety. It is also known to have positive effects on psychological and mental illnesses and also for insomnia.

Thus it allows to restore the balance of the energies by exercising its faculties of well being on the mind. Ultimately agarwood strengthens the beauty and health capital of those who use it.

Fragrances for Eid

Here are some of our selections for Eid this year with fragrances that resonate with mysticism for those who adore oud.



One of the most exclusive luxury Arabic perfumes amidst our many oriental creations. Presented in a hand-cut crystal bottle, with rich amber and woody notes around a body of dahn al oud, Mukhallat Moattaq is truly a connoisseurs’ collection.



Dahn al Oudh Moattaq is one of the most exclusive perfumes in the world. Dahn al Oudh Moattaq is a fragrance for kings and a true reflection of Arabian splendor. One of Ajmal’s finest offerings with a heart composed of pure Indian Dahn Al Oudh, the fragrance is aged and offers the wearer instant access to premium quality blends and speaks volumes of their social standing.



Somow Al Rasasi Maa’li is an enigmatic and enthralling scent, stimulating the senses whilst enchanting those within its presence. Elevating the traditional scent of Oudh, this lavish, bold and fragrance has been crafted for the connoisseurs of luxury, with a passion for extravagant scents and a love for understated opulence.



Dhanal Ood Al Nafees is the most precious and natural oudh, carefully blended and matured to perfection over a long period. The unique shape of the crystal bottle along with the beautiful wooden box perfectly encase this very precious and exquisite fragrance. Dhanal Oudh Nafees is for the true connoisseurs of oriental alchemy - a scent that has no equal.



Rich, deep and powerful Reehet oud by Anfasic Dokhoon , it is a modern and innovative scent for both men and women . Woody and it is accented by aromatic herbs.  The base of Agar Oud is a warm, rich and dry wood notes , intermingled with top notes of peppermint and Oak moss that sharpens it up



The Dehn Al Oud, Shay Sioufi is the scent of pure oud encapsulated within a unique, shay way, to celebrate and modernize Arabian tradition.

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