Layering It Up!

Layering It Up!

To some it comes naturally and they can afford to experiment to express themselves. While to others it’s a game of trial and error and when they find the right combination they stick to it. We are talking about ‘layering of fragrances’ and Angela Turovskaya of BALMESSENCE offers us a few quick tips to layer it up this valentine

Before we start talking about layering we need to understand how fragrances need to be aligned with the occasion and the time of the day that we wear it for. Just like there is a suitable attire for every occasion or time of the day, so is a fragrance.

If you are aiming for an evening fragrance, then I’d recommend layering more intense and sensual notes, contrary to the morning one which will be fresher and lighter.

A very important element in layering is the family the fragrances belong to, such as Fresh, Aquatic, Oriental, Aromatic, Oud, Wood and so on.

The accords or notes as we call them of the fragrances are what determine the characteristics of the fragrance. For a day layering that smells attractive and masculine one should look for notes such as Bergamot, Guaiac Wood, Musk and Vetiver. These can be mixed with aromatic ingredients like Rosemary, Mint and Cedarwood.

Fragrances suitable for midday and evening will include notes such as Vetiver, Tobacco, and Oud mixed with creamier notes like Sandalwood, warm Amber or just deep Woody fragrances. 

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So, in order for a man to smell attractive to a woman, he needs to make sure he is layering and wearing the right scent for the occasion or the time of the day, we all have been stuck in the lift, with this one colleague early in the morning with the very overpowering fragrance… no one wants to be that colleague!

 The same rules apply for both men and women when creating attractive perfume layering and wearing the right fragrance for the right occasion and time. 

For the ladies, daytime layering should include notes that are feminine, clean, floral and not overpowering such as Linen, any light green notes, Bergamo, Rose, white flowers like Orange Blossom, Jasmine (but be careful with the amount as it is a strong scent), Tuberose, and Tea.

For the evenings, more intense notes are encouraged like Osmanthus, Amber, Ylang-Ylang, Galbanum, and Oakmoss.

It is worth mentioning that fragrance is no longer gender related, and men and women are mixing and layering perfumes based on their personal scent preference rather than gender specific, which means there is no limit to what you can layer and what scents you can create!

Valentine’s Day…. and evening.

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, sensuality, and warmth, and our memories are triggered by scents that remind us of special occasions, so what better time than Valentine’s Day to create memories by layering fragrances for this happy, much loved, and celebrated occasion. 

During the daytime layer powdery and warm notes such as Violet or Iris is recommended. For the most romantic Valentine’s Day dinner, go for a mix of intense, warm, and sensual fragrances, with notes such as Heliotrope, Amber, Tonca Beans, Blackcurrant, Vanilla, Benzoin, Patchouli, Sandalwood, and if you are feeling spicy add some sweet Tobacco or Pink Pepper for some zing.

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