How to identify a good perfume?

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How to identify a good perfume?

Finding the right perfume is nothing but trial and error, the more you smell and understand the notes that you’re smelling, the more closer you are to finding your scent soulmate. To help you on your way, here are five tips for your olfactory journey from the team at Parfums de Marly.

1. Only two scents at a time

If you are shopping scents for the first time, with the intention of finding the perfect scent, try a variety of fragrances until you find the note that resonates with you. However, limit it to trying only two at a time. Let each fragrance make its own space in your olfactory world to help you better understand what you love the most.

2. Spray and Waft

Trying out scents should not be a rushed experience. To ensure you find the perfect scent, patience is a virtue. It is important that you don’t just spray and sniff the scent and make an immediate decision about you liking it or not. Spritz the scent and waft it towards your nostrils to get a better feel for the fragrance and let the aroma come to you in the best way possible.

3. Don’t rub, let it settle

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Always spritz the scent on those spots of your skin where there’s no other fragrance. Once done, as tempting as it would be to rub the scent, don’t! Let it dry down. When you rub the scent, unintentionally you rub off the top notes which could make the scent smell entirely different from the original fragrance. At least 10-15 mins to smell the perfect blend of all the notes.

4. Not one works for all

When it comes to finding your signature perfume, it is not necessary to have just one scent. You can have multiple signature scents for different occasions and even seasons. Before you decide on a signature scent, it is important that you deduce what you want it to say about you or which personality trait you want it to represent. Do you want a fragrance that makes heads turn or something that is more intimate? Based on the occasion and what you feel, your signature scent will differ so don’t be afraid to explore.

 5. Hair to save the day

When you have a scent you’re madly in love with, it is a good idea to occasionally spray the perfume in your hair as it moves around with the air which helps in making sure the scent lasts for a long time.

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