Fragrances for your valentine… naturally!!

Fragrances for your valentine… naturally!!

Flowers, delicious chocolates and perfumes are still classic gifts for your date but considering that chocolates may be too sweet and that flowers genetically modified to last longer in a vase have lost their scents, choosing a perfume for Valentine’s is definitely the way to go

If you love perfumes, you would naturally also love food, pastries and chocolates. It’s all scientific as perfumes do involve the sense of taste…  and taste depends 85% on your sense of smell. 

We see only where there is light enough, taste only when we put things into our mouths, touch only when we make contact with someone or something, hear only sounds that are loud enough to hear. But we smell always and with every breath. Cover your eyes and you will stop seeing, cover your ears and you will stop hearing, but if you cover your nose and stop smelling…. well, there’s not much left to say, if you do that! 

So this valentine’s day when the world has probably realised the value of nature and all things natural, wouldn’t it be a good idea to look at natural perfumes for our valentine. We definitely think so! Let’s ask some Certified Natural Perfumers for their thoughts this Valentine’s Day.


Certified Natural Perfumer from Copenhagen (Denmark)

Brand : Porcelain Perfumery

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I love classics, but why not give it a twist with a natural, unisex perfume? What defines the smell of a man or a woman? Who said that feminine scents should be floral and soft, while masculine perfumes should be dark wood and tobacco? Who said scent has to be gendered? 

Unisex products are getting more and more popular - research show that this trend indicates a shift from stereotype gender-specific products to more neutral. When I compose my perfumes I don’t have a man or a woman in my mind – I merely have an idea of a feeling / a mood /a place / a situation. A good natural scent has universal appeal. Sharing is caring and when you give your partner a beautiful unisex scent, you give yourself one too. You can easily share the same scent as lovers - what is more romantic to blend body-odors with a shared perfume and creating you own scent-bubble of love and romance? Making a scented memory together! 

For adding some spice to Valentine, I recommend MYRISTICA that open up with a fresh accord of lemon and coriander, goes to the heart with black pepper and nutmeg and harmonizes it all with drops of frankinsence.


Certified Natural Perfumer from Romania. 

Brand : Your Personal Aroma

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Valentine’s Inspires me with the thoughts of the paradise of the Indian ocean in South India, Kerala.

A mare-monte realm of exclusive wellbeing ayurvedic therapies, yet fascinating through its green, luxurious and vibrant colours. The perfume SURAA embodies harmoniously the most exotic and seducing essences such as frangipani, magnolia champaca, jannat, jasmine sambac, coconut oil, neroli, anise, cloves, ginger, indian rose, opium from carnation, ambra, oudh and red sandal.

The perfume is part of Alchemy of Love collection, an unisex perfume bringing well-being and passion, a strong oriental smell, Arabian style, with the purest and most exclusive Royal Attar base of sandal, oud and exotic flowers.  It has a unique karma and siaj, on 7 energetic levels cleaning, balancing and giving an extraordinary power of seduction and self esteem to the wearer

Purchasing perfume on the internet can be very difficult. We are so used to smelling a perfume before purchasing it . And that’s why most of our certified natural perfumers selling their perfumes online are offering miniature perfume vials for a few euros.

These little natural perfume vials are also becoming collectible items.

This is a wonderful way

  • to discover Natural Perfumery,
  • to unveil the beauty of natural perfumes,
  • to train your olfactory sense to recognise flowers and plants used in natural perfumery,
  • to take the opportunity to reconnect yourself with nature.


Certified Natural Perfumer from Slovenia. 

Brand : Makosh

A blend of unique linden flower extraction, jasmine grandiflorum and bergamot lifts the spirit, builds confidence and explores feminine sensuality. A synergy of organic vegetable oils delivers visibly radiant, youthful looking skin. Used in a massage with your partner it takes you on a mystical journey of pleasure and eroticism. The secret to irresistible personal magnetism!

The Ritual : Apply on damp skin and massage gently over the entire body. Run through your hair to give luster and shine. Use it as a massage oil.


Certified Natural Perfumer from Taipei (Taiwan)

Brand : C11 Natural Perfumes

The breath of Valentine's Day, to me,  is the feeling of the fragrance of Taiwan's pearl milk tea. It’s two people together, one is pearl, the other is milk tea, plus the sugar in life, it is the best lover to get along with! 

Using Taiwan high mountain tea and benzoin with frankincense and other aromas, it is full of happiness. I call it ‘Hope’.

- Creezy Courtoy
Nex Luxury Expert, Perfume Historian, Anthropologist, Author, Consultant, Founder And Chair International Perfume Foundation


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