“Fragrance Is Powerful, It Taps Into Your Inner Emotions…”

"Fragrance Is Powerful, It Taps Into Your Inner Emotions…"

Explore the olfactory journey of CPL Aroma’s Master Perfumer, Christian Provenzano's favourites

Meet Christian Provenzano, CPL Aroma’s Master Perfumer and Global Director of Perfumery, whose passion for fragrance is as profound as his dedication to creativity. With over five decades of industry experience, Christian has garnered international acclaim for his original and successful compositions, shaping the olfactory landscape for renowned brands worldwide.

Joining CPL Aromas in 1989 as a Senior Perfumer, Christian's expertise led to his promotion to Global Director of Perfumery. In 2021, he was honoured with the prestigious title of Master Perfumer, a testament to his unparalleled talent and contributions.

Based in Dubai, Christian leads CPL Aromas' perfumers globally, guiding them from the creative epicentre. His immersion in Middle Eastern culture has made him an authority on Amber and Arabic fragrances, reflected in his numerous successes in this category.

In his own words, "Having worked in Dubai for almost 15 years now, I have developed a flair for Amber fragrances." Christian's journey embodies a relentless pursuit of excellence, shaping the fragrance industry with his exceptional creations and expertise.

We decided to get to know his taste in fragrances so here he is in this current edition of "Scentually Yours"

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What does a fragrance mean to you?

A fragrance has the unique power to conjure a memory or a moment in time. It can immediately take you back to a special time in your childhood, or to my mother’s kitchen, growing up in Casablanca… fragrance is powerful, it taps into your inner emotions and transcends reality. It is my life. A day without smelling is a day without living…

How do you connect to a fragrance?

Fragrance, for me, is a journey. I first imagine the accord in my head. What do I want to achieve? Who will wear this perfume? And then, ingredient by ingredient, building block by building block, the fragrance begins to shape itself.

I like to work with qualitative ingredients, like specific qualities of Oud, from Laos, that bring depth and complexity to a scent. Combined with other ingredients like Amber Rose and saffron, we create magic.

I particularly connect with scents as I travel. With my work, and personal life, I am lucky to visit different cities in different seasons, and each time, a new sensation triggers my curiosity.

I was recently in Rome, and very inspired by the flair, the elegance that Romans have on a day-to-day basis. That then will show in a creation that I am working on…

Your favourite fragrance for yourself?

I have recently relaunched my own perfume lines. This was a journey of craft and care to bring outstanding fragrances to life, each connected to a personal story, mostly based on Italian culture and Dolce Vita. My current favourite is a creation called Massimo…

This fragrance is an aromatic spicy bold creation, with an overdose of cardamom. It is a fragrance for the connoisseur of the finer things and has multiple layers. It makes me feel happy and confident and gives me an aura of elegance.

Some final words on perfume.

The industry is constantly changing, currently, it is under a lot of pressure because of climate change, it is our duty to protect our natural resources, and raw materials are under pressure… We need to be mindful and always think of new ways to create fragrances.

We have the best job in the world.. keep the passion!.

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