Fragrance House Iberchem To Perfume The Spain Pavilion At Dubai Expo

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Fragrance House Iberchem To Perfume The Spain Pavilion At Dubai Expo

On the occasion of the Expo 2020 Dubai, fragrance house Iberchem will create an olfactory experience for the Spain Pavilion. It is the first time that the country integrates scent into the design of the pavilion

Using their sense of smell, visitors will have the opportunity to discover all the richness the country has to offer: from the dense forests of the north, the vineyards of La Rioja, the Mediterranean coast of the East, or the Arabic heritage of Andalusia. The olfactory experience created by Iberchem is meant to highlight some of the most characteristic scents of Spain. Each fragrance created by the perfumers of Iberchem embraces in its own way the country’s natural, cultural and historical attributes.

The fragrances will be presented to the public using state of the art fragrance technologies. Iberchem has worked with different companies specialized in scent diffusion to create unique interactive experiences.

From powerful systems used in some of the world’s largest airports to custom made devices patented exclusively for the occasion, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy the fragrances in new and creative ways.

“Spain being one of the world’s major fragrance producers, it was a relevant choice to include fragrances in the design of the pavilion,” says Robert Cabal, Fragrance Director of Iberchem. “The Dubai Expo will be, without a doubt, an event that will be remembered in the future, and it is an honour to be part of it. Over the past years, Iberchem has presented a series of projects combining different disciplines and the universe of fragrances. Now, to be given the task of illustrating a country through scent, especially on the occasion of a World Expo, is a challenge we are thrilled to take on.”

Official Perfume of Spain

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Among the many projects conducted by Iberchem on the occasion of the Expo, one that stands out on both prestige and challenge levels is undoubtedly the country's official perfume. Luz Vaquero, Head Perfumer at Iberchem, was asked to create a high-end fragrance that embodies all of the country's olfactory richness.

"Spain has a lot to offer when it comes to scents. The perfume I created for the Spanish Pavilion at the Expo 2020 Dubai is complex, enveloping and lively. I achieved this result by harvesting some of the most distinctive elements of Spain and translating them into a unique scent meant for everyone," said Luz Vaquero. "I have created this perfume keeping in mind the main theme of the pavilion that is sustainability. This is why I worked with Cosmos Ecocert certified natural ingredients and readily biodegradable raw materials as well."

Among the top notes, the perfume offers a mix of lemon and orange blossom as southern Spain is filled with lemon and orange groves. Afterwards, in the heart of the fragrance, you have hints of lavender and grapes.

From the Rioja region in the North East and the one of Ribera del Duero, Spain is a real heaven for wine lovers. "Personally, I think that this is one of the most original ingredients of this fragrance!," says Luz Vaquero. Finally, in the bottom notes, we find a refined mélange of musks, which gives an oriental twist to the fragrance. Not only it celebrates the Middle East culture where the Expo takes place, but it also reflects the Arabic heritage in Spain such as the Alhambra in Granada, or the Mezquita in Cordoba.

Even the name "Murcia," where Iberchem has its head office, is of Arabic origins and means "watery" because of the river and the fertile lands around it.

Creating a fragrance for a 4836 m3 venue

Iberchem has a strong expertise in creating fragrances used in aroma diffusion and olfactory branding. The company will use this expertise for perfuming a room called "The Forest of the Future". Using state-of-the-art devices, the air will be filled with green notes recalling the moss and dense vegetation of Spain's northern woods.  Senior Perfumer María Ángeles Santiago created this unique fragrance.

"The fragrance I created for the Forest of the Future could be compared to that whiff of green notes that the wind brings you when you drive on the road with the windows open," said María Ángeles Santiago. "At first, it is fresh and airy. Then the scent evolves into something more intense and woody with notes of cedar and pine. You can almost feel a bit of humidity. Finally, in the bottom notes you have moss and patchouli emulating the scent of humid soil or an old trunk on the ground. "

The Forest of the Future is the main exhibition room in the pavilion. It consists of digital installations presenting a selection of innovative Spanish contributions for sustainability. The Forest of the Future is designed as a memorable theatrical setting that shows some relevant examples of innovative Spanish projects in line with a participative approach to the SDGs and sustainable development.

Iberchem will also present additional olfactory experiences in different places of the pavilion such as the main hall. The moment they walk into the pavilion, visitors will already discover the olfactory dimension of the site.

This fragrance, also curated by Iberchem's perfumers, transmits in just one whiff all the country's richness.

Finally, many other rooms, such as the VIP room, the press centre and the Al Andalus space will also benefit from interactive olfactory experiences with unique fragrances by Iberchem.

Public Activities

For those who would like to go further into the olfactory experience, Iberchem will also be presenting many fragrance-related workshops and public activities in the Pavilion during the Expo. Make sure to have a look at the pavilion’s calendar of activities for the exact dates and details.

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