For CPL Aromas, Fifty Years Is Just The Beginning

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For CPL Aromas, Fifty Years Is Just The Beginning

It was a pleasant experience to visit Beautyworld Middle East in Dubai, as it had been a long time since the industry had gathered in one place. One of the stands we visited was CPL Aromas’, and we left impressed and convinced that the best is yet to come.

A regular visit to check on how companies are faring is part of the drill at Beautyworld. And it was refreshing to see the smiling faces of those who were exhibiting despite the global bleakness of 2021. One of the companies we visited was CPL Aromas, and their smiles had many motives. In our conversations we discussed some of the achievements of 2021 and we were impressed. The independent, family-run fragrance house continues to create together with its customers, grow and inspire:

Five decades of creation
December 2021 marked the 50th anniversary of the company created by the Pickthall family in the UK and which has become the largest fragrance-only fragrance house in the world. As part of their celebrations CPL designed five fragrances which represent the 5 decades since the founding.

70s Free Verdent : A green chypre scent, based on a creation by the late Francis Pickthall. The fragrance has been exquisitely reworked by CPL's Master Perfumer Christian Provenzano.

80's Flashy Floral : An excessive white floral fragrance with an ambery background.

90's Smiley Citrus : A bright uplifting citrus scent with musky accords.

00's Cutie Fruitchouli : A fun fruitchouli scent to represent the neo chypre accords of the 00s, the fragrance has gourmand undertones.

10's Mood 4 Oud : A powerful woody and oud fragrance inspired by the Middle East.

A fresher brand for the future
CPL Aromas decided to complete the anniversary celebrations with a brand new look and website, both designed to reflect the company’s position at the forefront of fragrance innovation, as well as showcase their heritage, family roots, and their focus on sustainability and creativity.

CPL Spain boosts its creativity
CPL Aromas Spain upgraded its creative space in 2021, with the existing factory now offering more space to produce great fragrances. This new space provides comfortable areas for teams to work collaboratively, as well as space for workshops with customers and for creative days.

AromaSpace: the perfect blend of headspace and perfumery
Bringing the fragrances from nature to application, replicating the detailed chemical composition from plants and other natural sources does seem like a pretty interesting innovation! AromaSpace was launched in 2021 and while available for many products it will be focused on candles, reeds and fine fragrances.

EcoBoost expands its range
EcoBoost, the sustainable technology from CPL Aromas allowing savings in cost while improving sustainability, got a boost in 2021 when launching EcoBoost Plus, the super concentrated technology which is approximately twice as potent as the original, and allows up to 20 times less usage and an average of 94% savings in emissions – while EcoBoost’s savings are an average of 90% versus a regular fragrance.

From a virtual event to a real one
CPL pioneered a virtual event in July of last year, with the launch of Blumenhaus, a collection of 8 inspiring fragrances which showcased the AromaSpace and EcoBoost technologies. CPL hosted a week-long virtual event to celebrate the collection, including collaborations with talented creatives who captured the beauty of flowers in their work.

You will agree that 2021 was a busy year for CPL Aromas. We look forward to what they will bring to the table, or to our noses, in 2022!


Read this post in Arabic

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