Expressions Parfumées Innovating Fragrance With Excellence

Expressions Parfumées Innovating Fragrance With Excellence

Expressions Parfumées revolutionises the fragrance industry with innovation, sustainability, and unparalleled customer service

Expressions Parfumées, a renowned French fragrance manufacturer, has been a pivotal force in the perfume industry since its inception in Grasse in 1982. With its acquisition by the Givaudan group in 2018, the company began a transformative journey marked by substantial investments and global expansion efforts.

At its core, Expressions Parfumées remains committed to its creative heritage, rooted in Grasse, and aims to redefine itself by focusing on innovation, sustainability, and unparalleled customer service to meet the challenges of the modern perfumery landscape.

Under the leadership of Mr. Christophe Marin, President of Expressions Parfumées, the company envisions a future where it continues to push boundaries in fragrance creation while adhering to ethical and sustainable practices.

Founded by perfumers, the company's ethos revolves around inspiration, creativity, expertise, flexibility, and reactivity, all of which form the foundation of its success.

Expressing its aspirations through a customer-centric approach, the company emphasises the importance of fostering strong partnerships with clients.

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In a dynamic and evolving industry, its creative teams are dedicated to envisioning the fragrances of tomorrow, blending technical expertise with sensory artistry across various applications.

Despite being part of the Givaudan group for six years, Expressions Parfumées operates autonomously, striving to become a leader in serving local and regional customers worldwide by 2030.

Currently boasting a turnover of nearly 120 million euros and a robust growth rate of 10.5% in 2023, the company aims to achieve a revenue milestone of 200 million euros by 2030. This ambitious goal underscores its commitment to maintaining exceptional standards and quality, evident through its various certifications and the prestigious "Original France Garantie" label.

The company's ambitious objectives are supported by a meticulously crafted action plan, emphasising its core values and DNA:

Expert Creative Process: At the heart of Expressions Parfumées lies its expert creative process, led by experienced perfumers who utilise an exceptional range of natural and synthetic ingredients. Guided by market trends and supported by innovative techniques and rigorous testing, the creative teams ensure uniqueness and optimal performance in the final products.

Customer-Centric Mindset: Expressions Parfumées prioritises customer care, fostering close partnerships with clients based on agility, flexibility, and problem-solving capabilities.

State-of-the-Art Production Facility: With a cutting-edge production facility adhering to Good Manufacturing Practices, the company guarantees precision, reactivity, and quality under the vigilant oversight of its Quality Control and Regulatory departments.

International Representation: Spanning five continents through 11 offices and a network of qualified partners, Expressions Parfumées possesses a deep understanding of local nuances, enabling comprehensive support to clients worldwide.

The company's international development strategy is anchored on four key pillars:

Growth in SAMEA:  Expressions Parfumées plans to double its turnover in the SAMEA region in five years, aided by strategic partnerships and a new Dubai office. This new modern creative centre of 1000m2 enhances accessibility to local clientele and fosters collaborative relationships. With a focus on quality and service that makes its strength, Expressions Parfumées aims to strengthen its position as a leading fragrance provider in the region. “These new office is the guarantee of an ambitious development of our subsidiary which already covers more than 30 countries from Dubai with the aim of doubling our turnover over the next 5 years,” says Thierry Fleurichamp, Regional Head Fragrances SAMEA.

Expansion in Africa: With established Expressions Parfumées offices in Kenya and represented by distributors in other African countries, Expressions Parfumées seeks to bolster its presence by launching new offices continent-wide. By expanding its physical presence, Expressions Parfumées aims to strengthen relationships with local clientele and better cater to their needs, underscoring the company's commitment to sustainable growth and market expansion.

Enhanced Presence in Asia: Expressions Parfumées aims to harness the potential of the Asian market by establishing new offices and research laboratories in its affiliate of Bangkok.. By expanding its presence in Asia, Expressions Parfumées seeks to better understand local preferences and cater to them effectively.

Entry into US Markets: Expressions Parfumées targets entry into the Central and North American markets to broaden its global presence and customer portfolio. By tapping into these markets, Expressions Parfumées seeks to capitalise on untapped opportunities and strengthen its position as a key player in the fragrance industry. This expansion aligns with the company's commitment to sustainable growth and market expansion.

These initiatives are underpinned by a commitment to strengthening its position in confidential perfumery, the masstige sector, and home fragrances. Additionally, investments in innovation platforms and structural enhancements at the Grasse site will bolster production capacity and efficiency.

Marie-Eugénie Bouge, Marketing and Communication Director highlights the company's evolution through a refreshed logo and brand identity. Symbolising sophistication, balance, and commitment, the new monogram reflects a contemporary and impactful vision, signalling Expressions Parfumées' readiness to embrace the future.

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