Eurofragance’s Spellbinding Story At Beautyworld Middle East

Eurofragance’s Spellbinding Story At Beautyworld Middle East

There’s something magical happening at Eurofragance’s pavillion at Beautyworld. Get ready to experience something truly enchanting

Eurofragance has done it again. The Spanish multinational has come up with a breathtakingly beautiful stand at Beautyworld Middle East, an exhibition for those who wish to indulge in the olfactory magic of perfumes. True to tradition, the Eurofragance pavilion tells a story—actually, two stories.  The first is one of a rebranding. At the stand, one of the first things to notice is their blossoming logo and logotype-which have changed; they are more dynamic and bold, at the same time they are subtle and detail-oriented. They’ve moved away from feminine colors and fine fragrance cues. It’s in fact no secret, as the company has confirmed its desire to expand its customer base and geography, while also penetrating new product segments.

Beyond their rebranding, this year, Eurofragance has chosen a theme and storyline that fit perfectly with perfumery, as well as with our time: magic.  Few industries are as mysterious, mesmerising and magical as perfumery.  We know the captivating effects of just a couple of drops of a fragrant elixir. 

Just like magic, a perfume can cast a spell; this is exactly the story that Eurofragance wishes to tell.  In a time of uncertainty, when the world is still reeling from an unprecedented crisis, all of us crave a little magic. 

So, step into any of the five rooms of Eurofragance’s pavilion to be magically carried into a parallel world.  In each of these different settings, discover showstopping perfume creations.

The Fragrance’s Secret

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The Eurofragance Perfumers who created, sometimes single-handedly, sometimes in teams, all used one key, magical ingredient.

It is this common raw material that steals the show and makes each perfume stand out. For the first time, Eurofragance has developed its very own, high-impact ingredient of natural origin.

The yet-to-be named refined, natural ingredient brings volume, richness and performance to any fragrance, and it is interesting to note that this new captive, originating from natural sources, will leave those who smell it simply spellbound.

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