Dauper: A Creative Legacy

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Dauper: A Creative Legacy

DAUPER was founded in 1988 by the Ferrao-Alonso family, it started as a small company in Barcelona run by Jesús Ferrao as a perfumer and his wife Magadalena Alonso as fine arts artist.

The Ferrao-Alonso family fulfilled their dream of launching their own business as a way of expressing their creativity in the fragrance world and Barcelona of the ‘eighties was the place to be. Barcelona is well known as a cradle of creativity for architects like Gaudí (Sagrada Família), Picasso, even the  3-star Michelin chef Ferran Adrià.

Thirty-four years later the company is run by the second-generation, led by Jesús Ferrao Jr. as CEO and Main Perfumer and his sister Gloria Ferrao as Perfumer, now a third generation of perfumers is getting ready!

During the recent years, the company has consolidated its expertise in the  fragrance business, as well as its presence in the international market, with product sales in more than fifty countries. Leading an internal process of modernisation, during 2020-2021 period  the company has invested more than one million of euros, updating with the latest technology available their factory in Barcelona.

Implementing a complete digitisation and automatisation of manufacturing processes, their team is working on building a factory to help lead DAUPER towards a smart, sustainable, and more efficient future.

In 2021 DAUPER was delighted to open their UAE regional office in Dubai, this office attends to all their UAE customers and is a meeting point for all those passionate and enthusiastic about fragrances.

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The leadership of Jesús Ferrao Jr is not only focused on the growth of the company, but also its values: family, artistic tradition and persons. As Jesus Ferrao jr shared in the last Dauper Summit:

"We care for our customers, and eagerly take part in the development of their projects and celebrate their success. At Dauper we pride ourselves on being accessible to our customers, and we keep in mind that in the end our customers, are fragrance enthusiasts and in mind that in the end the key is not how important or famous is your supplier, the main thing is how important you are for him.

Dauper is more than a fragrance manufacture company, we are the people that make possible connecting the emotions of a person with something tangible, a fragrance. We believe in creating a custom-made fragrance with all our high-tech tools to enhance the expectation of this persona and help people set up their own identity and express themselves to the world.

So, we are the  people working to enhance expectations, and this is the key point, beyond each order or customer request there is a person’s dream to accomplish, and our fragrances will be part of their life."  

All of Dauper’s team believe in these key values, as a big family with one goal, create the best fragrance to fulfill our customer expectations.

And attending this edition of Beauty World Middle East exhibition was a big  chance for them to share these values with all assistants, showing their latest creations of fine  Arabic perfumery, personal care and air care products.

All this while  offering their Custom Designed® service, which can develop unique and exclusive  fragrances to fulfill the customer’s needs and expectations thanks to the Hi-Tech lab’s  and the expertise of their perfumers that comes from 34 years creating fragrances for people.

DAUPER  fragrances are designed for different applications, they are focused on developing new fragrances for our main three applications:

Perfumery: DAUPER has  designed a wide range of fragrances, both fine fragrances and oriental fragrances,  updated every quarter with new launches, according to the trends and demands of the current market.

Personal care: DAUPER  fragrances respond to the interest of covering this extremely competitive market and believe that it will be a key market in the coming years.

As example of their continuous commitment with research and development of new fragrances is the upcoming launch of our new collection of Natural Fragrances Safe Natural® for Personal Care application, a collection of allergens-free and vegan fragrances for sustainable cosmetics.

Air freshener: DAUPER's  extensive catalogue of fragrances tries to fit every need of its customers in this area. It’s also, another example of  high technology applied to fragrances, our R & D department developed Emo Scent® , a technology for Air Freshener fragrances, which encompasses all knowledge of all recent scientific studies on Neuro Marketing, cognitive science, and brain activity, and implement them in our products, according to the client’s specifications.

Dauper brings on board technology and expertise of more than 34 years is for all its customers.

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