CPL Aromas Unveils ‘A Multiverse of Luxury’

CPL Aromas Unveils ‘A Multiverse of Luxury’

CPL Aromas, the world’s leading fragrance-only fragrance house that took part in Beautyworld Middle East 2023. An abundance of new scent collections to discover and a welcoming team together with the founding family on hand to answer all the fragrant questions from visitors.

The beautiful stand of CPL Armoas was decked in flowing fabrics transporting visitors to ‘A Multiverse of Luxury’, a  scented universe where different pillars of luxury were explored.

In the realm of Conscious Luxury, sustainability seamlessly entwined with opulence, giving rise to an eco-conscious collection of scents. This innovative line featured candles and liquidless reeds, all meticulously crafted using CPL Aromas’ cutting-edge EcoBoost technology.

Under Experiential Luxury, the mere act of scent appreciation transcended expectations. CPL showcased their collection of Bakhoor fragrances, elevating the olfactory experience through AromaSpace, CPL’s headspace technology.

Journeying into Eclectic Luxury, CPL bestowed their perfumers with creative freedom, resulting in scents that were both explorative and imaginative. On display were EDTs and Attars, each a testament to the fusion of different elements and textures, creating an eclectic aesthetic.

By diving into the subtleties of Quiet Luxury, CPL presented a perspective that embraced simplicity over extravagance. Elegance and opulence took center stage, with fragrances crafted around CPL’s proprietary AromaFusion technology – a palette of captive ingredients exclusive to CPL perfumers. The EDTs were elegantly housed in artisanal blown glass bottles sourced from Syria, adding a touch of artisanal finesse to the understated brilliance of quiet luxury.

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To make the stand truly stand out the CPL team collaborated with different local businesses to  enhance the experience for their guests. Collaborations included a specially designed carpet by  Dubai based interior design agency art painting lab, a coffee corner with personalised coffee by  Intellect and a collaboration with Mersi Studios for an upcycled onion pouch to contain a hand  cream & attar giveaway.

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