CPL Aromas: 50 And Raring To Go!

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CPL Aromas: 50 And Raring To Go!

CPL Aromas is celebrating its first five decades in the fragrance business

In 1971 it started as a small UK company named Contemporary Perfumers Limited, founded by Terry and Michael Pickthall; and now, 50 years later, it has become a global company spanning 18 offices and 5 manufacturing plants around the world, working with small and medium customers and helping them achieve their fragranced dreams.

The story of CPL Aromas is one of a true north: to create fantastic fragrances together with its customers. In the case of CPL, the daily work also has a component of customer service, with which the company is obsessed, and a key ingredient: sustainability.

For several decades this has been key in the decisions taken by the company, always intent on walking the talk. From supporting charities engaged in environmental and humane endeavours to working with suppliers which provide sustainable ingredients, to creating EcoBoost, a revolutionary technology to reduce emissions by using less fragrance, CPL Aromas has driven sustainability in the industry and promises to continue to do so in the years to come.

In conversation with Chris and Nick Pickthall, the current CEO and COO of CPL Aromas and sons of its co-founder Terry, they said: “What an honour and a challenge to lead this company and this team in such an important anniversary. Throughout these first five decades, we have partnered with our customers and have provided them with unique sustainable solutions, whenever possible. Together with the rest of our leadership team and employees, we can’t wait to continue creating with our customers”.

As the biggest fragrance-only fragrance house in the world, CPL Aromas remains a family-owned company, and as such independent, long-term focused and free to innovate sustainably.

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The future looks bright ahead. Like the new motto of the company says: “Let’s create together”.

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