Biolandes French Natural Extracts Expert At Beautyworld Middle East

Biolandes - French Natural Extracts Expert At Beautyworld Middle East

Biolandes inaugurates a new establishment in Dubai coinciding with its stall at Beautyworld Middle East

Biolandes is an independent French company growing, producing and providing the most exquisite natural raw materials for creators of perfumery, cosmetics, aromatherapy and flavours fields worldwide.

After more than 20 years of implication in the middle-east region, they have announced the opening of a dedicated office in Dubai. Edward El Khoury, their new area sales manager will be handling the customers.

This new establishment reiterates the company’s inclination to work closely with clients from the Middle-East region and offer them customised solutions.

The brand has a strong portfolio of natural products (over 800 items) perfectly adapted to the oriental markets: as oils, absolutes, resinoids for perfumery, organic hydrolates and macerates for cosmetics, essential oils for aromatherapy.

Biolandes is committed to an ethical, sustainable and integrated sourcing and production approach to provide the best natural extracts, through cultivation in their own fields and thanks to its many partnerships with local producers.

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As part of its participation in the 25th edition of the BEAUTYWORLD MIDDLE EAST, they have introduced a special selection of natural products: Rose Taif Type oil, Olibanum Oman oil, Sandalwood Mix oil and Labdanum Dry gum.

Biolandes is hosting its stall at 2-B43 at this year’s expo with Edward, their perfumer Cédric Alfenore and Jocelyn Cuirot, the sales director.

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