Billie Eilish Along With Parlux Release Second Perfume

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Billie Eilish Along With Parlux Release Second Perfume

Grammy winner Billie Eilish partners with Parlux to release her second perfume -  Eilish No.2 mid November. Eilish No.2 is said to be darker and more mysterious, smelling like a “dark gray, metallic-y, metal, silver color.”

The singer mentioned that this new fragrance has a prominent difference in scents as compared to her debut fragrance.

“Eilish No.2 is based off of Eilish, the original, but a little bit more dark and sultry, and a little bit more mysterious. And it’s got a lot of notes that I like that feel very woodsy,” she said.

Created by Takasago, who had previously also worked with Eilish for the first fragrance, EIlish No.2 is said to be spicier.

The notes in the new fragrance include top notes of Italian bergamot and apple, along with papyrus and black pepper as its heart notes and finally a palo santo base note,
among others.

Jewelry Brand Taffin Releases First Perfume Collection

Founded by James Claude Taffin de Givenchy in 1996, Taffin is a jewelry brand based in New York. Early this September, the brand released their new collection called Les Couleurs de Taffin which features seven different fragrances.

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“I’ve been thinking about the fragrances since 2000, when I opened my first space. I really wanted to go into the fragrance business. I thought I would do a single fragrance that I would actually hand out to my client, but it was something I thought was missing in the jewelry world as an extension of what we do.”

Each of the seven bottles has a unique name that compliments the colors of the bottles such as Le Rouge N°1795 which has notes of ginger roots, magnolia flower, sandalwood and Le Vert N°7732 with notes of sichuan pepper, neroli, patchouli and more. Every bottle is crafted with handmade glass with wooden caps.

“I thought it was the right time to make these little jeweled bottles, which have the same idea of my jewelry: precious, but not pretentious,” said the designer.

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