buddha wood oil Australia’s Aromatic Treasure And Indigenous Heritage

Buddha Wood Oil Australia's Aromatic Treasure And Indigenous Heritage

Delve into the centuries-old Aboriginal traditions that revered this aromatic marvel, as Wildwood Oils continues its legacy by distilling Buddha Wood into a fragrant elixir that offers calmness, grounding, and a touch of the Australian wilderness

In the heart of the Australian wilderness lies a treasure trove of aromatic wonders. Eremophila mitchellii, known by various names such as False Sandalwood, Buddhawood, Native Desert Rose, and Desert Rosewood, is a botanical gem that has captured the attention of many. Amidst this rich tapestry of native flora, Wildwood Oils emerges as a pioneer, proudly establishing the first large-scale distillery dedicated to the production of these unique Australian Woody essential oils.

The native desert rose, a tree of modest to medium stature, exhibits a unique blend of characteristics. With its flaking bark, graceful pale-green leaves, and dainty white bell-shaped flowers, it stands as a distinctive presence. This tree's habitat is confined to the arid terrains of North Eastern Australia, specifically thriving in the northern regions of New South Wales and the remote outback expanses of Queensland. A defining feature of this plant is its slightly sticky texture, attributed to the abundant resin found in its leaves and branches. When the delicate leaves are crushed, they release a fragrant aroma, adding another layer of intrigue to this remarkable species.

Indigenous Insights into Buddha Wood: A History of Tradition

Australia's indigenous Aborigines were the first to uncover and harness the remarkable properties of Buddha Wood, also known as Desert Rose, thousands of years before European settlement.  Buddha Wood was a valuable resource, often carried by nomadic groups as a remedy for injuries due to its recognized strong antibacterial and analgesic qualities.

Intriguingly, newborns were bathed in an infusion of crushed Buddha Wood leaves to cleanse and strengthen them for their life in the bush. Desert Rosewood played a significant role in indigenous ceremonies, especially in coming-of-age rituals, connections with ancestors, and farewells to loved ones who had passed on.

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In its distilled form, Buddha Wood oil continues to offer remarkable benefits, promoting calmness and grounding. It's a sought-after addition to meditation oils and serves as a base note in perfumes due to its earthy, woody, and herbaceous aroma. Additionally, it finds applications in skincare and essential oil blends, complementing fragrances such as cedarwood, peru balsam, lavender, vetiver, neroli, patchouli, rose, sandalwood, and ylang-ylang.

Sustainable Harvesting of Buddha Wood

When it comes to sustainability, the Wild Wood Oils company is committed to ethically sourcing, harvesting, distilling, and distributing Buddha Wood, always mindful of the delicate Australian ecosystem and the wisdom of indigenous practices for future generations. They collaborate closely with primary producers to ensure a sustainable resource that meets production requirements.

Andrew and Dianne Correll, directors of Wild Wood Oils of Australia, have spent over a decade developing their Buddha Wood oil to its current marketable stage. Andrew Correll explains, "Obtaining the unique characteristics of our oil has taken many years of painstaking research." While the process may seem straightforward to the uninitiated, maintaining consistent quality and evolving unique qualities necessitates more than simple steam distillation; proprietary techniques are integral to their method. The couple has worked diligently for over a decade, overseeing every aspect of production from plant to bottle, with Buddha Wood Oil as their signature offering.

Wild Wood Oils of Australia is the largest Distiller of our unique range of Australian Woody Essential oils. Along with the Buddha wood oil ,our signature oil, we also distil Sandalwood and Cypress wood oils and to experience these oils, visit our booth at Beauty World Dubai S1 – G42 or visit our website at www.wildwoodoils.com for more information.’

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