A Fragrance Is An Amplifier Of Who You Want To Be

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“A Fragrance Is An Amplifier Of Who You Want To Be”

Natasha Inman, does make an impression on you when you meet her. Her entrepreneurial spirit is evident when you experience State Of REM, UAE’s lifestyle platform for premium loungewear.

Natasha Inman, came to Dubai for a job in Finance, but she was quick to notice a gap in the market for sustainable, ethical and versatile products that aid mental health and wellness. Inspired by this need, she built a sustainable business model that materialised into State of REM, UAE’s lifestyle platform for premium loungewear. Minimalistic and feminine with the added tag of being planet-friendly, Natasha seems to have got a winner on her hands.

We decided to get to know her taste in fragrances and so here she is, in the current edition of 'Scentually Yours'.

How would you describe yourself?
I am a typical Taurus; determined, loyal, trustworthy with a pinch of stubbornness 

How would you describe your life in Dubai?
There is nothing quite like the energy in Dubai which rubs off on you. Just like a city that was built on a desert, the impossible becomes possible in Dubai as long as you have determination, persistence and resilience. Life here is hectic but fun and I’m enjoying every single step of the journey.

What according to you is luxury?
Since the pandemic my perspective of “luxury” has broadened massively. Luxury for me is something that makes you feel good and brings you inner peace and joy. Luxury should be all about you, what you desire, what makes you feel special and what you deserve.

It could be something as simple as enjoying a coffee in the morning, reading a book to wearing something fabulous such as make up, perfume or a new pair of shoes which can also equally make you feel beautiful.  

What does ‘living’ mean to you?
There’s a quote that I love; “one of the greatest regrets in life is being what others would want you to be, rather than being yourself”. I love it because it’s a constant reminder that “living” is your journey designed for you and nobody else. For me that means taking the risk, buying the dress, loving deeply, regretting nothing, seeing the positives, having fun, being grateful and most importantly being unapologetically yourself. 

What does a fragrance mean to you? 
A fragrance is an extended expression of your personality, an amplifier of who you want to be and is a unique part of your identity

How do you connect to a fragrance?
The beauty of a fragrance is that it directly links to my emotions, either through memories or creating an imagined future. If a fragrance triggers a feeling, I know I have to have it.

Your favourite fragrance for yourself
My favourite fragrance at the moment is Dior “lucky”, purely because of the memory I have behind it and the feeling it gives me. I bought this perfume as soon as I got to Dubai. It was the first time I went to Dubai Mall and I had only been in Dubai a few days so it was all feeling very magical. This smell, not only reminds me how “lucky” I am, smells like summer which luckily is all year round in Dubai. It’s a smell I keep going back to as it reminds me of a new chapter in my life and what the chapter means to me. And of course it smells dreamy.

Some final words on perfumes 
Fragrance is really special to me, smell is the only sense that affects the memory and emotional part of the brain and being away from my loved ones in the UK can be hard, but sometimes if I smell a fragrance that my mums wears or one of my friends,  it reminds me of home and I get that warm fuzzy feeling inside. 

List five of your favourite perfumes

Christian Dior - Lucky 
"Memories of first days in Dubai"


Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540 
"I got this as a gift and reminds me of summer. It sticks forever as well."


Vanitas Profumum Roma 
"I love the smell of vanilla it’s very calming and feels like it releases happy hormones when I wear it."

Penhaligons Halfeti 
"I bought this when I went back to the UK at Christmas and it reminds me of family time and winter. Oud, amber and patchouli is a winning combo."

 Jo Malone Sea Salt and Wood Sage
"One of my everyday favorites, it’s natural and sophisticated."

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