Salvatore Ferragamo Launches Gentil Suono

Salvatore Ferragamo announced the launch of Gentil Suono in its Tuscan Creations Collection

Salvatore Ferragamo has announced the launch of their new fragrance, Gentil Suono. Serge Majoullier, the nose behind this fragrance pays homage to the tradition and emotion of the opera.

The olfactive creation recalls the velvet red colour of flamboyant décors, sumptuous costumes, and superb atmospheres of historical florentine theatres. The aura of a premiere. The creation vibrates with sparkling mandarin, while roaring black pepper pure jungle essence brightens the aromatic elegance of geranium. The heart sings on the finest oriental notes: namibian myrrh, cistus and prune neo jungle essence, for an ultimate touch of sensuality. Finally, the secret of this mysterious and powerful note is revealed with a duet of vetiver bourbon and cedarwood, enveloped by a balmy olibanum impression.

Gentil Suono By Salvatore Ferragamo

Launched In: 2019

Perfumer: Serge Majoullier


Top: Mandarin Orange, BlackPepper, Geranium

Heart: Namibian Myrrh, Plum, Labdanum

Base: Cedar, Bourbon Vetiver, Olibanum