Eau De Citron Noir By Hermès

It is a part of the Herme’s Eaux de cologne collection. Black lime, which is a Middle Eastern cuisine specialty is an integral note in this fragrance giving it an unique appeal

Eau De Citron Noir By Hermès

Eau De Citron Noir By Hermès

Black Lime Accord, Lemon, Black Tea, Citron,Paraguan Wood 


Christine Nagel

Review by Christian Provenzano

Perfumer’s Remark : A sour citrus cologne with a woody smoky effect. Very pleasant.



Review by Persolaise   – A New Alphabet For Boys – The 4 Essential Es Of Masculine Perfumery
In a bid to make her mark on Hermès’ well-regarded range of eaux de cologne, perfumer Christine Nagel turned to a fruit which had inexplicably never been by the brand: lemon. But she wasn’t happy with her composition until she found a way to give it an unusual tone, by injecting a note of Persian dried limes. The result is Hermès’ darkest, woodiest cologne yet.