Si Passione Intense

Si Passione Intense by Giorgio Armani

Sì is more than a fragrance; it is both a philosophy and a tribute to modern femininity. Originally introduced in 2013 with SÌ EAU DE PARFUM, Sì is timeless yet contemporary, and it is changing the rules for a life lived with passion.

SÌ PASSIONE INTENSE is a rich, yet unforgettably elegant, intensely floral fragrance magnified by vibrant woody and musky notes.

Created by perfumer Julie Massé (MANE), it centres on a sensation, capturing the vibe created when you experience true passion. The iconic Sì signature top note of blackcurrant nectar is blended with an ever more emphatic floral heart of Jasmine Absolute and Superinfusion alongside Rose notes. This creates a fierce and powerful natural energy, enhanced by cedarwood and white musky base notes, the intensity of which is further enhanced by Patchouli essence and Vanilla extract.

An ode to vibrating femininity, SÌ PASSIONE INTENSE genuinely celebrates the contrast and duality between the floral delicacy and the intensity of passion.

The vanilla blended in SÌ PASSIONE INTENSE is sourced in the protected area of Loky Manambato in Madagascar in collaboration with a local NGO, one of Giorgio Armani’s initiatives contributing to its social responsibility program ‘Solidarity Sourcing’. Aiming at ensuring the ethical sourcing of key ingredients and contributing to economically support farming communities, it is in line with Giorgio Armani’s attention to detail, preference for natural materials, and respect for nature.

Structured yet simple, with its foundation not truly squared nor truly rounded, the distinctive design of the iconic Sì bottle is a tribute to feminine strength. To convey intensity, for an even more alluring and engaging look, the bottle of SÌ PASSIONE is seen for the first time with both inner and outer red lacquering.

In the words of Giorgio Armani, “Intensity doesn’t need to be dark. Intensity is a movement in the making, a continuous vibration.”

Playing on the duality between strength and lightness, the bottle combines the intensity of the red lacquered glass, the deep black density of the cap, and the golden ring that graces the neck in perfect harmony.

Top Notes
Heart Notes
Base Notes
Cedarwood, Musk, Patchouli, Vanilla
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