Petra Le Donne di Masque

Petra Le Donne di Masque by Masque Milano

Petra is part of the Limited Edition Series for the 10th Anniversary of Masque Milano.

The brief for Le Donne di Masque Petra is the 1976 song by Al Stewart “Year of the Cat”. The accompanying description is just the first verse of the song.

'She comes in incense and patchouli...A mysterious scene... "On a morning from a Bogart movie. In a country where they turned back time. You go strolling in the crowd like Peter Lorrie, contemplating a crime. She comes out from the crowd in a silk dress running like a watercolour in the rain. These days - she says - I feel my life just like a river running through the Year of the Cat. On a blue-tiled wall by the market stall there's a hidden door she leads you to…'

This fragrance is created by Cecile Zarokian 


Top Notes
Bergamot, Pink Pepper, Yellow Mandarin
Heart Notes
Fruity, Jasmine Sambac, Luqaimat, Rose Maroc abs
Base Notes
Ambergris, Benzoin, Incense, Leather, Myrrh, Patchouli
Common Notes


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