Lalique de Lalique Pivoine Crystal Edition 2021

Lalique de Lalique Pivoine Crystal Edition 2021 by Lalique 

Lalique de Lalique Pivoine Crystal Edition 2021 by Lalique is a Floral radiant fragrance for women. The nose behind this fragrance is Sophia Grojsman.

The Flacon

The crystal bottle is now designed in the shape of the peony flower, a symbol of prosperity, honour, and happiness!

"A truly impressive piece of crystal-making, 'Pivoine' magnifies both the strength and grace of the flower. The peony’s blooming corolla forms the rounded body of the flacon. Its gently curved petals seem carved out of the satin-finish crystal, as though they were gouged from a rock by a sculptor. The edges and fine veins of each petal, in transparent crystal, enhance the refined floral motif, revealing the tender nuance of the Lalique de Lalique Parfum, a blushing shade of peony pink.

Like a delicate drop of dew crowning the heart of the flower, the satin crystal rounded stopper rises from the flacon’s neck. In the tradition of Haute perfumery, each piece is sealed with a baudruchage and a gold thread around the collar. The prestigious 2021 Limited Edition of the 'Pivoine' flacon is presented in an ivory coffret stamped on top with a motif of peonies in full bloom."


Top Notes
Cloves, Iris, Jasmine, Rose
Heart Notes
Blackberry, Cassis, Pear
Base Notes
Musk, Sandalwood, Vanilla
Common Notes


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