Island Water by Scotch & Soda

Island Water

Island Water by Scotch & Soda

Island Water by Scotch & Soda

Dutch fashion brand Scotch & Soda launches a new fragrance under the title Island Water, in line with its fashion collection inspired by tropical islands and azure sea waters. This scent celebrates adventures and freedom with two bright scents that lift the mood and evoke a feeling of endless summer and escapism. This scent is inspired by tropical walks and the luxurious flora of Tahiti.

This fragrance for women contains sweet jasmine and coconut in combination with earthy patchouli, accentuated with black currant. A sparkling blend of floral, woody and sharp fruity notes results in a distinctive fragrance that is announced as feminine and light. It also contains the Firmenich molecule Firbest, whose scent is woody, animalic, sweet and balsamic. The creation is signed by Philippine Courtière and Amandine Clerc-Marie.


Top Notes
Angelica Seed, Blackcurrant
Heart Notes
Cannonball Tree Flower, Firbest Molecule, Hawaiian Jasmine
Base Notes
Exotic Woods, Patchouli, Salt
Common Notes


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