Experience The New Captivating Fragrance By Calvin Klein Reveal

REVEAL Men Calvin Klein captures the tension between instant attraction and playful seduction with its beautiful blend of notes At the top the fragrance, crystallised ginger sparks the senses with its fiery presence and an exhilarating burst of freshness. The sensation deepens as mid notes of a seductive raw salt signature and exotic agave nectar reveal bold sensuality, exposing an uninhibited masculinity.

The base of the fragrance surfaces on the skin with deep, intense traces of mesmerising vetiver and golden amber. The combination of crystallised ginger, raw salt signature and addictive vetiver offers a new signature play between freshness and seduction.

The REVEAL Men Calvin Klein bottle design is synonymous with purity, luxury, and a refined design aesthetic. Evoking masculine sensuality, the sleek square bottle seamlessly links polished glass with a metallic-finish cap. Every angle exposes curving lines, cool contrasts, and a superior tactile quality. The enigmatic grey-green fragrance floats in a space of bold minimalist design.

CK reveal

REVEAL for Men

Olfactory Notes of REVEAL for Men

Top : Crystalized Ginger, Lentisque Essence, Pear Brandy

Heart : Raw Salt Signature, Agave Nectar, Kiwano

Base : Haiti Vetiver, Vintage Vanilla Bean, Golden Amber

Available at: Wojooh, Sephora, Debenhams and Vavavoom

100 ml bottle is retailed at 345 AED