212 VIP Black Extra

212 VIP Black Extra by Carolina Herrera

212 VIP Black Extra by Carolina Herrera is an Oriental Fougere fragrance for men. 

212 VIP Black Extra promotes the bold to bolder, the loud to louder, and the party much more Extra. It’s unregretful and strong, a declaration of purpose. Even the bottle alone is Extra, with its dazzling translucent high-polished surface appearance in a reflection of the exciting fragrance it carries.

A daring opening of Rum & Cola epitomizes Extra, before burning into the fresh attractiveness of leathery lavender. The mysterious foundation sets free a vivacious blend of Cocoa and Musk; a VIP entrance to any party. 


Top Notes
Coca-Cola, Grapefruit, Rum
Heart Notes
Lavender, Leather, Moss
Base Notes
Cacao Pod, Musk
Common Notes


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