Eurofragance Presents – COSMIC NOMAD

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Eurofragance presents its nomad spirit through a ‘cosmic’ fragrance collection inspired by precious raw materials…Since the beginnings, led by Santiago Sabatés, Eurofragance has been characterized by its nomad spirit, always in the search for exploiting extraordinary raw materials to create innovative fragrances. In line with this adventurous spirit, Eurofragance has recently launched “NOMAD SAGA”, a corporate creative project that embarks you upon a journey to showcase some fascinating elements of their perfumers’ palette as well as the stories, cultures and people behind these olfactive jewels.

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In BWME 2018, the company presented ‘Nomad Tales’, a deep dive into 4 fantasy worlds inspired by 4 exclusive fragrances (Jasmineair, Aquaoud, Cardamon’fire and Shamamia).  This year’s theme is “COSMIC NOMAD”, described as a multi-sensorial mission to discover the celestial universe. An epic journey across the Milky Way among the heavenly luminous stars, exploring unique ingredients and curious fragrances gathered from a supernatural cosmos. The new Cosmic Collection will feature: Illuminating Rose, Refractive Frankincense, Cosmic Tonka, Vetiver Asteroid and Stardust Labdanum.

The Eurofragance perfumers team in the Gulf Area are specialized in oriental and French fine perfumery. They strive every day to find new ways of working with unique raw materials that are present in the DNA of the company. Lucas Sieuzac, perfumer and member of the Gulf team, is specialized in French perfumery and explains “Since I joined EF a year ago, I have discovered a totally new world, especially in the Gulf region, where perfume is part of cultural heritage. Those new scents are opening endless possibility for a perfumer to create innovative and successful fragrance composition”.

Read this post in Arabic